Friday, August 21, 2009

shhhaoowdyyy wha yaow name is?

STILLLLL mina-lo. BUT im backkkk! lets just forgert all the other months lol i think i really want to start over for this FALLLL time :)MinaLo; a new on twitter FORREAL now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Charlie Bee For Three was chill then this dude (<-Click) stopped by. We went to get his tattoo. Loyalty on the ring finger...yea idk...weirdo if you ask me. Nonetheless CREATIVE. Yea so we went to our friend cammie's RED HOT MOBILE TATTOO SHOP, 1 employee/ tattoo artist/ manager. Its awesome, anything you want in a bag just call her over ITS NUTHIN!!!!! idiggy.MinaLo...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

after plenty text messages and mentions ive decided

I WONT BE A STATISTIC lol ima keep the blog going until i finish my one YEAR online i did promise myself that i would do a 365 and i think the only person who can disappoint me the most is me if i dont stay true. SOOOOO slowly but SURELY i will post ALLLL the two months of blogs i am missin lol it will be challenging but WHO AM I? yeaaaa MINALO, thats who! Ill catch yall later and TODAYS post is this so ill fill in a pic later lol UMNNNNN hit me on the twitter -}IAmMinaLo{- tho i need more twitter family. Stay up!