Thursday, April 30, 2009

longest boringest thursdays

today was a hard day at work.

I'm so tired and i think i wont go to work tomorrow.

i have a lot to get done, no help that its exam time.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*bumpin* Twista - Wetter.

A song pointed out to me by Lichelle and Sherita, and i like it lots. Its just so nasty but you definitely just wanna sing along haha. Sherita says the opening lines sound like a kid looking for a father;

I'm callin you daddy (daddy)
Can you be my daddy (daddy)
I need a daddy (daddy)
Won't you be my daddy (daddy)

LOL isnt she right? Anywaysssss i took pictures with my camera that Pruthvi bought me ill show you my three fav's the first one is the main pic of the blog ^^^...MinaLo; fishn' lomographer.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The best part about buying something online is forgetting that its coming in the mail.... haha i got another parcel. This one is to myself but i bought it like two weeks ago i wonder why there was a hold up?

*bumpin* Keri Hilson - Make Love

The thing is i bought stuff that i can wear in the fall, idk my problem i need to focus on summer but idk i love that awkward august clothing...someday's are breezy and someday's hot. :)
If i dont say so myself im pretty cute with a fitted on lol
ALSOOOO when you buy KidRobot stuff you get a free lil action figure. This time i got it from the Evil Skaters collection
I was lucky to get one of two mystery action figures. His name is Brad but i am MinaLo

Monday, April 27, 2009

WAIT A DOGGON minute....I really got a parcel?

OMGOSH so today was lame as usual went to run errands and work. My errands were to pick up some Polaroid cameras that i will use for my t-shirts. Okay i know its dangerous but i went on Craigslist. It was a steal. The best thing is i only spent 19 dollars for two Polaroids. AWESOMENESSSS haha but thats not what my blog is about.

I got home today only to see an urban outfitters package on my door front. Weird? YES! I thought to myself "im suppose to get a kidrobot package, NOT urbanO." So i brought it to my room and as i always do, i set up my camera to get real live reactions of my parcel openings...So i have it on timer. Still thinking 'why the hell do i have this package? My immediate response is to open it then return it in case i purchased something on my account by accident. So with hesitation in mind, i open it anyways.disclaimer: *LOOK AT THE FIRST PICTURE OF THE BLOG*

SO WTF Pruthvi completely surprised me!!!!!!!!! OMGGGG how did you know that i wanted this? im thinking Umi told on me lol This is so great. I even got a J that ill put on my door front haha from recycled aluminum...its so artsy and Eco friendly, i love it. My birthday was like 15 days ago and im still getting stuff! I have the most AMAZINGGGGG friends. What did i do to be so blessed? Im so glad you guys know me so well. Umn in case you dont know, thats a fisheye camera. Basically it takes those round funny pictures :D Pruthvi I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH, i cannot wait till your home ;; gunna be a blasttttttttt. Best summer of your life i promise.

So basically today i got three new cameras
...well at least new to me

...MinaLo; a photographers journey...all summer long.

ps: why is it that im always wearing that godspeed shirt when i get mail? im thinking good luck charm, YES!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

GAME DAY ughhhhhhh EXAMS too?

Woke up super duper early like i told yall i went to bed at 3:30 yesterday.

..well i woke up at 8 this morning. If that isnt crazy then you should leave my blog, im not sure i can convince you otherwise.

Umn my sister and i drove around for like 4 hours lol sike no like 2, trying to find nail shops to get feets done. Come to find out it is Sunday and all Asians dont open the nail places until 12. So we went to Wal-Mart to get some b-fast. That didnt work so well. So then we went to Petsmart to buy oro a Steak (not eating kind the kind you put in grass)...or an anchor? yea lets say anchor; and a chain to go along with it. I wanted to take him to my game today. So i chilled all day. Then i went to my game only to find out that the chain we bought oro was broken. It looked returned too. WTF Petsmart. ...ill be takin that back tomorrow! Umn yea i had a good game but we had to play Quarters instead of Halfs because it was so hot out. We could have definitely DIED. It was a good game...we lost but i am sure i burned like 700 calories...standing still LOL.

...thats all :) - MinaLo

ps: omg i have exams tomorrow, ugh fxxk me!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

91 degree's


...damn its hot. Too hot to stand, sit, lay, talk...BREATHE.

Nonetheless, today was awesome...

*Bumpin* Chester French - She loves everybody

I ran some errands then as i finally got chilled in the AC of my living room, i got a phone call. It was Lichelle but she seemed a little different. When i ask whats wrong she said she needs me to pick up Orlando...her i ask why, and she said "well jasmina im a lil drunk right now, and i dont think i should be driving" so i started to laugh really hard because its like 3p.m. I thought to myself wow this is more than Pre-Gaming. Yea so wutever i went to pick up Orlando and we chilled. When we got there (lichelles apt) Sherita (lichelles BFF/roommate) and Lichelle are stretched out on the couch lookin like they feel REALLLLLYYYYY Goooooood, while eating tostinos from 7-11 really slow and sloppy. lol It was weird. They had fake tattoo's all over their hands and were in some summery clothes to stay cool. Remember its 90+ degrees today. I am not sure why they chose to consume alcohol mid day when the 'peak' hotness of our day is at 3...and alcohol tends to warm your whole body. It was funny though.
Then at like 6 we watched that movie Dead Presidents with their other friend Dana. I thought it was definitely a keeper. I wouldn't mind watching it more than once. A DVD collector for sure. At their apartment was a book on the day you were born. its called the birthday book. I will definitely hit barnes and nobles to get it. Well i looked up my birthday of course and it scared me a bit that this book was SO accurate. I mean GOOSEBUMPS down my back i could have cried, so of course i took a picture. Along with a picture for Laura because i think she would appreciate how accurate her birthday is to her personality as well. So im the apr 12th one and she is oct it, its good stuff.
Umn around 8-9; we started to get ready for a graduation luau i was invited to....We didnt leave until 10-ish tho. Its cool because we got there at a quiet time and we saw it slowly start to get jumpin. Then we left only to find out that about 10 minutes later the party was shut down because someone stole a laptop. Ugh...the reasons why i would NEVER throw a college house party in my house with my doors open. Now 1:15 a.m.

After the party we walked back to Lichelle's apartment and realized DAMNNN jungle juice is crazy and we need to eat something. So we went walking all the way up broad street to get some pizza. Let me tell you guys Asanti's Pizza on East Broad street is the best pizza you will ever have in your life. OMGGGGosh, some would be good now! yea anyways, so we walked back towards her apartment; pizza boxes in hand. Orlando was taking pictures all the way. He is a Nikon fan too (d40 to be exact) So we are finally in front of her apartment is now 2a.m. Definitely Sober from all the walking...Lichelle said YO lets cruise to we did. We hopped in her lil Volkswagen Bug and went cruising. I was eating pizza in the back and Lichelle and Orlando in the front chowing down. Richmond City is really beautiful at night. Just to let ya know. We found some streets that we never been to also; it was cool. We decide its time to go back to Lichelle's house so i can get home. Its like 3:05 now.

I get all my stuff from her car and apt and i drove home. It was the best Saturday ever.not literally but super fun I didnt even do a whole lot. Just chilled with the same people for 12 hours and had a blast.

...Minalo; the party-goer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday with my ORO


With oro tonight, the morst boring friday ever. But i love him...he just doesnt talk :/

I was suppose to hang with some friends, that didnt work.

...MinaLo;wuteva wuteva i do what i want.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

what do i title this?

*Bumpin* Stacie Orrico - So Simple

I only quote songs. I noticed that but as i was driving home today the perfect song came on. I just told myself how blessed i was to have a job and a mother. I even have a car and two sisters. Oh a dog and a place to lay my head EVERY night. So as i "pull up to the first window" at McDonald's, all of these thoughts came to me. How fortunate am i omg omg omg. I appreciate it all even though I KNOW it looks like i don't. So yea anyways i am was in the window paying and i had these thoughts and then So Simple by Stacie Orrico comes on my ipod. I could not ask for more. My favorite parts are:

"Give me wisdom, plain and truthful
Teach me something I don't know
Plain as education, inspiration I suppose
Give me family, on a Sunday
And I'll be just fine
There's nothing in the world
That's worth more of my time[...]
True to life, true to me
The way it's got to be

So simple, so simple, so simple
Live to love, love to be
Absolutely free[...]
you've got one life to live,
It's only what you make it...
Every new day is a chance worth taking

In that drive through window it hit me. It felt so good. I almost told someone -laura- but i wanted my blog to be new information. I now KNOW THAT honestly, all i need is loved ones and life &I WILL be fine. All the other things that i have been allowed are just extras. I am FINDING myself everyday;; what better day than the 100th entry of my blog haha...another plus in life.

...Minalo; soul searchin'.

PS: thanks to Ami for coming to my game, she has amazing pics HERE I wish i could say the pic on today's blog is what i took but i didn't. so my project 365 is lacking but i think it still is of me right?...oh and yea thats not my dog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a life.....i have been forced to live?

So i have been thinking lately and i just really feel uneasy about everything that i have done this far in my life. Not because i regret, i dont regret however i wish i could be a little more rebellious or spontaneous. I have yet to take charge of my life and really just LIVE. Today i had a complete epiphany. It is time for me to get my shit belongings and leave Virginia. Im not saying another state will completely fix every problem. BUT i do know that i wont be able to know/feel how my life should be until i am forced out of this im going to New York in December. Hopefully school there will give me the absence of comfort that i long for. Tired of being a leach.... MinaLo; finding independence.

ps: something is wrong with my eye in that pic...been bothering me all day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So im not a big collector or anything...

but i do keep really nice bags from stores.

...well just five stores to be exact.

the Urban Outfitters bag hasn't been put up yet but yea i will do that soon.

hmmm, yea i get bored and just take random pics like that....MinaLo

Monday, April 20, 2009

who gotta parcel!?!

!!!!!!!!! ...thats who!
BAHAHAHA, i wanted these forever :)

*bumpin* Serani - No Games

i love his style of singing;; so cute to me.

ANYWAYS yess thats my blog MINALO been playin this song all weekend and today.


PS: do you like my kicks?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Linnette and Carlos Reyes

Its kinda weird seeing my sisters friends get married. I remember when i was a kid they would chill in her room or outside our garage and just laugh. They even use to go on long walks to the 7-11 across the street. Now Marriage? wow. Idk what to say to that, its so weird but a great thing. Linnette has watched me grow, and i have watched her mature as well so its an exciting thing to see different stages in a persons life. This wedding was so much fun and i am sincerely happy for them.

Best of luck to Linnette and Carlos...MinaLo