Friday, April 3, 2009

When will i really need to manage a pool? FML

I decided to take this crash course where you in a class for 16 hours like over a two day period and you get the entire semester credit. YEAAA bad idea. I passed the test with a 95 so i guess my transcript will be rockin with that A but thats besides the point. Dude that class was lame. But i made a friend hahaha Megan,

that girl is funny. We laughed the entire time. It was great but like ill show you how bored i was haha taking pictures while the teacher was like doing whatever the F he does. But yo i advise everyone to NEVEr take that class or any crash course for that matter;i almost died. Like not literally but in my brain, a lil bit? no. okay yea idk hahaha and the worst part was he made us test his nasty algae infested water from his home pool. Brought this disease in a bucket lol wtf? forreal?...MinaLo

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