Monday, April 6, 2009

he has it all planned out

The sixth of april, two thousand nine: *woke up*hurt from a game*got to work late*left work late*rushing*to find no appointment available*flat tire*still need gas*late for class*firestone closed*gotta wake up at 4*red bull is the enemy*not enough time*too much approaching*can i handle this?*FML*

just when i think my life is the worse thing ever and i want to run away for a while,

...i witness something like this and i suddenly feel like pushing harder. i'm usually in the best mood. At times EVEN BETTER than the best mood. When shit hits the fan i will be okay, even if you caught me bitchin and moanin about it. Its not for me to know, but he knows why it happened. So i guess "for a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic"-paramore



Umi-San said...

OMG mina, that pic is soooooo freaky lol, looks like mina from the dead, sooo zombi like lol, i kinda like it, its hypnotizing. I am going to pray that you have better days though!! Still super excited about your Bday too!! :) i have just the thing to wear too im soooo excited! I also cant wait till you start.... (x_x) right its a secret :)

Umi-San said...

i like that qoute! i totally can relate, im the most pessimistic, optimistic person i know... contradicting, i can never figure out weather im looking to the bright side or looking to the wrong side.

That's Me! said...

Lol I agree with Ami, that's a total Mina-Zombie! That sounds like a tough day girl -hug-.