Thursday, April 23, 2009

what do i title this?

*Bumpin* Stacie Orrico - So Simple

I only quote songs. I noticed that but as i was driving home today the perfect song came on. I just told myself how blessed i was to have a job and a mother. I even have a car and two sisters. Oh a dog and a place to lay my head EVERY night. So as i "pull up to the first window" at McDonald's, all of these thoughts came to me. How fortunate am i omg omg omg. I appreciate it all even though I KNOW it looks like i don't. So yea anyways i am was in the window paying and i had these thoughts and then So Simple by Stacie Orrico comes on my ipod. I could not ask for more. My favorite parts are:

"Give me wisdom, plain and truthful
Teach me something I don't know
Plain as education, inspiration I suppose
Give me family, on a Sunday
And I'll be just fine
There's nothing in the world
That's worth more of my time[...]
True to life, true to me
The way it's got to be

So simple, so simple, so simple
Live to love, love to be
Absolutely free[...]
you've got one life to live,
It's only what you make it...
Every new day is a chance worth taking

In that drive through window it hit me. It felt so good. I almost told someone -laura- but i wanted my blog to be new information. I now KNOW THAT honestly, all i need is loved ones and life &I WILL be fine. All the other things that i have been allowed are just extras. I am FINDING myself everyday;; what better day than the 100th entry of my blog haha...another plus in life.

...Minalo; soul searchin'.

PS: thanks to Ami for coming to my game, she has amazing pics HERE I wish i could say the pic on today's blog is what i took but i didn't. so my project 365 is lacking but i think it still is of me right?...oh and yea thats not my dog.


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