Sunday, April 12, 2009

It would be wrong if i didnt...

THANK YOU! Well, i would like to post on everyones wall right, or text every single person back right? butttttt i like the blawguh-blawguh style of how i do things and basically ima shout out everyone who blessed me with saying happy birthday.

Phone Calls :) thank you; Dad, Pruthvi Patel, all my Pascall Family, Deval Patel, all my Medrano Family, Cousin CJ(big bro), Aunty Elena, Mrs. Denise, Uncle Sean and Tio Jaime.
Text messages; Veronica Perez, Calvin Barnaby, Deval Patel, Aunty Celia, Melanie Delgado, Lajeesa Teague, Ami Patel, Ashley Hill, Ava "avadidas" Warden, Sheri Lamb, Christina "figgy" Figueroa, Richard Salmon, Tyrone Hobbs, Lichelle Laconsay, my cousin Sabrina Rauseo and Joylis Rivera.
To start on facebook,i'd like to thank; Sasha Townes, Jason Young, Khalief Brown who dedicated his status to me...thanks lol Blanche Howard, my cousin Casha Koomalsingh, Chelsea Britt, another cousin Bevonne Medrano, Brittany Harmon, Donta Council, Krishna Patel, cousin Terrance Vidale, "Cal Vin" also gave status dedication :) , Moses Lleva jr, Sade' Hampton, Michael Bolosan, Laura Arroyo-con pollo LOL, Chalissa Williams, La'Kia Shuler, Akhil Malhotra, cousin Shivonne Medrano, Robert Johnson, "Ceezy Kookie Mae" , Raxa Patel, my BFF Pruthvi "junior" Patel, Edwina Harleyson, Neha "Love" Bhatia, Kenny Adams, Tosin Oladeinde, Heather Brant, Christopher "swagga" Staats, Toren Hall, Dorothea Holden, Deval Patel, Sabrina Scott, Kristen Owens, Ami Patel...girl your the bomb MUAH, Lisa Chan, JJ Williams, Richard Coultas, Enmanuel Taveras, Travis Stith, Carol Spratley, Jasmine Johnson, Semone Boone,Ashley "a.adk" Adkinson, Sheri Lamb, Kwailan Achong-Moses who is kinda like a cousin, Mathew "aubrey" Wilkinson, Timala Stewart, Erica C, Bonae Holston, Shajuanna Stewart, Mia Brewer, Avni Patel, Shantira Higgins...thanks for the twitter shout :), Erica McKeithan, Sonia Johnson, Franli Bencosme, TeVeira Hillyer, Matisha Young, Matt Padaon, Stephanie "steph-lo" Lopez, Rekoa Martin, Aundrea Davis, Victor Stewart, Octavia Charles, Jasmine Jones, Tasha "tee marie" Hall, Britni Clark, Ashlee Oliver, Xavion Elder, Savory P, Julian Rominger, Imani "BeautifullyHuman" Hines, Pooja Rajani and Earl Carlos. Thank you all so much although some of you do not know me very well, a bday wish is always a good feeling.
@ my dinner party:
Cammie and Courtney, you both are so cool haha i love hanging with you guys on friday nights...just because we want to. I'm so happy you all came to my dinner it really meant alot. BTW my mom said thank you ;)
Melanie and Manny Delgado, YOU ARE MY FAMILY. I remember staying late nights at your house then waking up really early just to come back over. You were my neighbors but our families are so close i think we once lived in the same house haha and i thank you so much for coming. Friends for 8 years and im still counting. I love you guys.BTW Manny when the fxxx did you get so tall?
I would especially like to thank:
Kaylannie "K-gigglz" Getty, my best friend for 6 yrs? i love you for being with me and i couldnt imagine my life without you, your so independent and you deserve everything life has to offer, i love you SOOOOOOOOO freakin much, you have definitely become my family.
Laura "LC" Arroyo, your more like a sister, we dont see each other all the time but there is no replacement spot for you, sometimes i think your words are harsh but it makes me believe your honestly only giving me the truth; whether it hurts or not you dont sugar coat it and thats all true best friend can do. Oh! and thanks for driving all the way :) I love you.
Pruthvi "P.G.P, pocohantas, junior" Patel, although you couldn't be here you are my best friend and when you get home we need to party for your bday ;) you will be an amazing doctor someday and i want you to live your life to the max and still remember to be yourself, damn havnt seen you in so long but that doesnt change the fact that i love you.
Umi and Dee you already know yall are the shit lol HANDS DOWN, in such a short period of time we have become really good friends. I am so glad to have met you guys, you are forever a part of my life and whoever cant seem to understand you girls are worth having are really dumb to lose you.
My sister Inga, I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!! thats all i can say to explain myself...and Juan, you have become my big brother for real...i know you are genuine and sincerely love my sister and thats all i ask. I want you to protect her with all of you and i know you are the man she deserves. Thank you for everything :D
TRISHA! ughh we fight so friggin' much damn, but i love you, i mean your my blood! they say when you see alot of yourself in someone else, you usually dont like the things they do and i guess its true. Damn, your a true big sister and your the smartest person i know without a book. The last few yrs have been hard "buh say wha" we got through it together and I love you :) and i know i tell you be quiet when you start speaking medical language but im so proud of you and i cant wait till your graduation in may.
Grannie grannie grannie, YOU ARE the funniest old lady i know. I love you forever. It seems as though your memory is fading and we all know that comes with age but you still look a good 62 yrs old. All i can do is thank the lord for keeping you healthy. Im so happy you have come to see me, i can remember birthdays when i was 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and now im 19. I am very blessed to still have you with me. I LOVE YOU, MONIC'z
LAST but not ever LEAST: My mommy, i wanna cry right now with how much i love you. They say when your in love your chest feels so heavy and overwhelmed. Well when people ask about you or when your home my heart is always heavy. The last three years have been nothing like you planned your later years in life. All i can say is i am glad you are so successful and you have a job that can support us. We honestly dont need anyone else but you. I know i am blessed to have come through your body. I wish i could say i will be half the woman you are when i am older. BUT i truly believe there is no woman out there that can be you or even an inch of what you are. You love unconditionally. You have three daughters and still manage to love us all the same but with our respectable differences and even when backs are turned to you, you still continue to love. I dont even know how to do that. One day i hope to receive your wisdom. You have given me everything from materialistic things(haha i know i know "those things only depreciate mina" ) to LIFE and all i can say is i LOVE YOU. I will try harder to be the daughter you see me being because you really see more in me that i do not. Mommie i thank you. A song for Momma - boys to men makes me cry really bad because its true. Im writing so much and still i cant find the words. Thank you for these 19 yrs, i can wait for more because i want to cherish every second i have you. Mommie you are my rock and my world. I LOVE YOU....MinaLo.


i'm so nyc. said...

what am i? chopped liver?

MinaLo said...

no! lol sorry i love you MUAH

That's Me! said...

Glad you invited me and Ami, we had a blast! We definitly need to hang out again soon ♥