Wednesday, April 15, 2009

okay okay okay...

I know i promised alot of cool pictures but it rained today and i really didnt feel like it. BOOO EXCUSES yea, i know that but still i feel most inspired in healthy weather. I gotta admit tho, that pic driving is pretty sick lol. Umn yea so basically today i blew ALL but one gift card. I also had to cancel plans with a friend of mine because we(me and someone else) had to work on school work. I will see her soon though. Then tonight i just blasted my bday cards and spent almost all the dough...with umi. I feel so accomplished i havnt been shopping like that in a long while. Literally i bought everything i liked. No second thoughts it felt really good. haha yea thats all. :) keep up the reading i love it and i hope i am pleasing your brain haha Loco Minalo.

p.s. i'm *bumpin* Drake ft. lil wayne - brand new

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Umi-San said...

I totally agree you got some really good buys today, haha and hopefully everything wont be HUGE for you in 90days lol I really really liked those American eagle shirts, i love how we wher all like oh these are so nice for girl shirts, the never make them like this, and then go figure they where guys LOL, go figure the XS was like a small/medium in girls lol :) good times