Wednesday, September 30, 2009

spanish class trippen.

SOOOOO besides my bada** attitude today by wearing straight up tomboy clothing and being lazy, i got some work done.

I went to spanish class. wait no, first i was in the computer lab chillin with Tarin and Diamond but we had to go to class so we went. Then we just stayed on our phone the whole time so it was rather pointless. Also our teacher must be on the rag beause she was seeming extra mean. Or rude, she told Tarin "i dont sugar coat things" it was funny.

Well THEN tell me why my teacher said i wasnt allowed to work with Megan.
Because she thinks we speak spanish already, technically i dont. But i can fake the heck out of it. Most of the time i even help her explain something to kids in there who dont get the concept. She told me that i dont ever have to do the assignments because i get A's on everything haha We had a practice test and secretly Megan and i were exempt. SO instead we are taking stupid pics of her failed attempt at drinking out of a water bottle. I mean its not like she has been drinking out of water bottles for 19 yrs or anything. smh. She drools? lol idk man it was funny though.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i went to work, had a long day and Trisha and I went to Brewsters ice cream. IT WAS GOOOOD. i haven't had ice cream in a while so yuuup!

I had this new flavor ice cream it was called Pumpkin & pecan blah blah blah something. It was a looooooong name just to talk about a pumpkin pie flavored ice cream that was filled with pecans lol. OH well whatever BREWSTER if you wanna make it a forgetful name thats allll on you.

I love seasonal ice creams though. Or seasonal anything like you know where you have to wait all year just to get it again. This was the PERFECT ice cream to set off the fall season :) <3


Monday, September 28, 2009

green thumb?

SOOOO i went to target and you know those lil stand as soon as you walk in?

::PAUSEEEEEE:: I JUST REALIZED like wow, target gets us by putting useless crap in the front so we stop as soon as we walk in and say "omg all this for one dollar, hell yea ill get it." BASTARDS!

So like you know those little stands when you first walk in target? well they had the cutest little plant pots. As many of us know anything tiny looks adorable and you just have to have it. Even if it is as random as a flower pot. haha WELL i bought a lil flower pot. MIND YOU i didn't go in target for anything in particular. Oh well whatev. It is going to be Peppers. :/ i threw the paper away so thats as good as a description i have for ya lol. But yea im trying out my green thumb. Its so random.

MinaLo; ...caught green handed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

mediocre lifestyle

Woke up, Found out my game was canceled. Ate breakfast and chilled in my room. My moms friend was over so i chilled out. I didnt relly take pictures today :/ although i do want to show an AWESOME dinner ingie prepaired last night. It was the healthiest home gourmet food haha i loved it. We asked her what she called it and she said oh ill call it "salmon a la string beans" YEAAA okay mom. lol she is funny.

So there is a homeless family in our neighborhood who live in an RV. Trisha and I well TRISHA wanted to give them some dough because she always sees them and i think she thinks its a sign. So as we are in the parking lot writing a cute lil letter to tell them how god loves them amongst other things with some money, we look up and they were gone. It was like when you see santa then you wanna tell someone and he vanish. It was crazy.I took some pics last night wen my sis and her home girl Chantelle were pre-gaming. We went to the most College of College house parties last night. I didnt take pics because my camera would have been ruined by the humidity and smoke. but its was good.MinaLo.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I spent a whole day with Ingie. GOD i love her and its been forever. Unlike most girls i can truly say my mom is my best friend. I love her. and i can just ALWAYS be me and she doesn't judge, because well, "she made me from scratch" :) haha but check out our day and this is alll before 12:00PM lol we woke up at 6 to run errands #wheretheydothatat. First get an oil change, walk to Panera bread, walk back to firestone where i started taking sneaker pics and thennn we went to DMV, grocery store, and lowes. That stuff was boring so i didnt take pics.
MinaLo; chillin with the 'life' i came through.

Friday, September 25, 2009

i need my life in order

SO! after a really good conversation with Khalief, i realized that i inspire some people. Like i am so behind on these blogs but when i do get back in the groove people will appreciate it. Looking back at when i started the blog none i knew had one. It took maybe 1 week for the first person i knew to make one. Then shortly after it seemed like EVERYONE was writing blogs. I really enjoyed reading my friends blogs and following and getting followers but it wasn't until last night that i realized. I kinda started the blogspot movement in my circle. I don't want to take credit but when i look at it like DANG once i stopped everyone stopped. Like there was no motivation.

SO TODAY i am taking myself serious and i must continue to write blogs and take pictures and live my life. For one reason only; so my people can stay inspired :)

MinaLo; i miss you guys too!

random text from my sister lol

Thursday, September 24, 2009


...the return. MAN OH MAN, i have waited forever for this to happen. lol not really but dang this eisode is going to be great i just know it. Personally i believe O'Malley is going to die. He seems like a character who has no more left on te show. But Izzie still has time. I mean like she JUST got married and Carev cant just be a lil cry baby all while the show is on so they gotta have kids and some more stuff. IDK what really going to happen but thats my prediction anyways ill talk to yall later. For some reason im still sick :/


Peep my G, Bob Marley - One Love poster :)