Friday, September 25, 2009

i need my life in order

SO! after a really good conversation with Khalief, i realized that i inspire some people. Like i am so behind on these blogs but when i do get back in the groove people will appreciate it. Looking back at when i started the blog none i knew had one. It took maybe 1 week for the first person i knew to make one. Then shortly after it seemed like EVERYONE was writing blogs. I really enjoyed reading my friends blogs and following and getting followers but it wasn't until last night that i realized. I kinda started the blogspot movement in my circle. I don't want to take credit but when i look at it like DANG once i stopped everyone stopped. Like there was no motivation.

SO TODAY i am taking myself serious and i must continue to write blogs and take pictures and live my life. For one reason only; so my people can stay inspired :)

MinaLo; i miss you guys too!

random text from my sister lol

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Writewell said...

Now you know what it means to be a true artist.