Sunday, September 27, 2009

mediocre lifestyle

Woke up, Found out my game was canceled. Ate breakfast and chilled in my room. My moms friend was over so i chilled out. I didnt relly take pictures today :/ although i do want to show an AWESOME dinner ingie prepaired last night. It was the healthiest home gourmet food haha i loved it. We asked her what she called it and she said oh ill call it "salmon a la string beans" YEAAA okay mom. lol she is funny.

So there is a homeless family in our neighborhood who live in an RV. Trisha and I well TRISHA wanted to give them some dough because she always sees them and i think she thinks its a sign. So as we are in the parking lot writing a cute lil letter to tell them how god loves them amongst other things with some money, we look up and they were gone. It was like when you see santa then you wanna tell someone and he vanish. It was crazy.I took some pics last night wen my sis and her home girl Chantelle were pre-gaming. We went to the most College of College house parties last night. I didnt take pics because my camera would have been ruined by the humidity and smoke. but its was good.MinaLo.

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