Tuesday, June 30, 2009

someone sleeping


minalo; smdh

Monday, June 29, 2009

first day back at work :)

i didnt miss a thing!

minalo; back in the groove.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET awards

Finally home! Well we are driving home it took is 9 hours to get from new York traffic was crazy. I don’t ever remember taking that long to get there, EVER. It was the worse. On top of that I was missing the beginning of the BET awards. Its cool though, when I got home the BET awards was still jumpin and facebook was going crazyyyy everyone’s status updates were reflecting what happens. They (BET) tried to make the whole show about Michael Jackson at the last minute and it truly made everything soooo horrible but funny and VERY entertaining.

In my pic im just confused like why would you tell people you had Kerosene...lol we stopped in the WRONG town.MinaLo; dreading cars forever...jk

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home coming

Today we chilled until about 12 at the resort then we headed to the airport. This vacation was a goood one, im definitely relaxed. Just knowing i had no school or work was great. I feel refreshed to take on the summer ;) btw happy 50th bday to henrique. Idk if he reads my blog but its okay....MOVING ON: We got back to ny around 8:30 at night and i got so many text messages. Thanks guys! I missed you too.

Your not relaxed are you lol we aint even take off yet hahahabooty booty booty booty rockin er'ywhere!damnnn the towers make a difference MANNN...just kidding thats jersy skyline but still. NY isnt the same.

MinaLo; im GOING home...ahhhh

Friday, June 26, 2009

Juans bday and Jako's death

On every channel except discovery all i see is Michael Jackson. He was a legend but he was also weird. I think it’s sad that he was so young and died the way he did but its crazy i still dont get the way he lived his life. None the less my respect to his family. Im writing this before the coroner’s report on how he died (autopsy) so maybe tomorrows blog ill write what really happened. PERSONALLY i think it was suicide. So anyways i come home tomorrow :) we will probably hit up another beach or two bringing us to 7 so yah thats about it. Vaca 09 went well so far. Im so tanned!!! Its insane in the membrane real good shxx. Happy birthday to my bro-in-law Juan, we are going to have a family dinner for him which is good. I wonder what the restaurants are like here, should be good though.MICHAEL TRIBUTE hahaa love my bruderrrrr

MinaLo; celebrating another year...cuz some people didnt get one R.I.P.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More bxxches...wait no, BEACHES.

So today we went to 1 more beach and it was awesome, i think this is a grand total of 5 since we been here which is pretty cool. The island has 365 of them; one for each day of the year. I dont think i can be here that long ugh no cellie! Fuh alla dat. Hey but R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958-2009 and R.I.P. Farah Fawcett 1946-2009. THOSE ARE TWO OF THE GREATS superrrrrr crazy. Umnnn so ill be home in 2 days!!!MinaLo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I luhv them bxxches & beautiful sand...

Today we went to 2 beaches it was alotttttt of fun im black as ever. Its cool though ive gotten lighter over the years my melanin needed to get back to where it belongs. My mom went to an internet cafe to check email and so did I, i checked some of my facebook messages but i didnt reply because i can’t reply to everyone so ill just wait. We ate good food too it feels like we live here i dont think i like that too much but i miss everyone sooooooooo much especially -smf- :) buttttt its only 3 more days until im home yay! ...oh shit i forgot i have to work. Ughhhhhhhhhh damn.MinaLo; kinda missing home