Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my desk

UGHHHHHHHH im at my desk about to die, please lord dont let me die. OMGGGGGG im so bored. On a brighter note we have a picnic at work tomorrow and my BFF Pruthvi comes home. That should be exciting although i will be headed to newport news i dont think ill see her becauseeee i have to get my transcript then head back up to richmond by 6. As for today it sucks but i guess ill just chill until tomorrow.

MinaLo; angry=at work=money aka ill be happy later


Umi-San said...

lol i love that ending statement
for me its more like this:

anger= homework= exercise= weight loss= STRESS= no liberations, but i know when i pass all my summer classes and am down to a size 5 ima be a happy go lucky golfer! :)

MinaLo said...

LOL tru tru
...damn we ned better lives!