Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jesus in Tree Sap

SOOO hello to my 21 followers :D idk if you noticed but i have a lil thing in my right collumn saying that i wish to have 25 followers by the end of july, LETs DO DISSSSSSS! Tell your friends, mother, brother, sister, dad, neice, nephew, boyfriend, girlfriend and grandma. umnnn see where i go with this blog.

SO the whole point of this blog is to show off this banging Cross Pruthvi got me in Poland. Its AMBER! If you've never heard of it, it's basically tree sap that over like a million years (not literally) got hard and turned to stone. So then they (amber people) polish and sell it. Its a SICKKK concept. I love it though its very beautiful. Plus im the only person she could ever buy it for since everyone else doesn't wear crosses ahah i feel all SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now know how Catholicism pays off lol jk Ummnnn so like today, im still in newport news playing wii and trying to avoid watching young people fucking with Pruthvi lmao (look it up) and with Ami and Deval and Daven. Its a helluva good time.

...MinaLo; gifts <3

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