Monday, June 8, 2009

Capital Ale House

...........IS AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but let me start off right!....after my long ass 10 hour work day. I came home and ran with Oro Solido... the golden retriever and he almost died because it was so hot outside and our 3 miles really got to him. He like lied down on the sidewalk lol i was still going so he kinda jerked me backwards. I felt so bad because i was getting some good sweat in there! ...then since he was a running party pooper we walked home and i took a shower. So since she knows i didnt eat yet, my sister invited me to a steak house with her friend Chantelle. Well Long story short, we had a blast :D i REALLLLY needed that but its funny who stays out to damn near midnight on a Monday?...US!...MinaLo

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