Friday, June 26, 2009

Juans bday and Jako's death

On every channel except discovery all i see is Michael Jackson. He was a legend but he was also weird. I think it’s sad that he was so young and died the way he did but its crazy i still dont get the way he lived his life. None the less my respect to his family. Im writing this before the coroner’s report on how he died (autopsy) so maybe tomorrows blog ill write what really happened. PERSONALLY i think it was suicide. So anyways i come home tomorrow :) we will probably hit up another beach or two bringing us to 7 so yah thats about it. Vaca 09 went well so far. Im so tanned!!! Its insane in the membrane real good shxx. Happy birthday to my bro-in-law Juan, we are going to have a family dinner for him which is good. I wonder what the restaurants are like here, should be good though.MICHAEL TRIBUTE hahaa love my bruderrrrr

MinaLo; celebrating another year...cuz some people didnt get one R.I.P.

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