Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home coming

Today we chilled until about 12 at the resort then we headed to the airport. This vacation was a goood one, im definitely relaxed. Just knowing i had no school or work was great. I feel refreshed to take on the summer ;) btw happy 50th bday to henrique. Idk if he reads my blog but its okay....MOVING ON: We got back to ny around 8:30 at night and i got so many text messages. Thanks guys! I missed you too.

Your not relaxed are you lol we aint even take off yet hahahabooty booty booty booty rockin er'ywhere!damnnn the towers make a difference MANNN...just kidding thats jersy skyline but still. NY isnt the same.

MinaLo; im GOING home...ahhhh

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