Friday, June 12, 2009

eweeeeeey but yay!

*Bumpin* Camron feat. Dipset and Toya - Hey Ma (remix)

Today i went shopping with mom, what else is new? its a pay friday DUH. that pic is so nasty thats why i have eweeeyy eweyyy ewyeeyyyy as my title lmao i look all hot! and i also look bald, not cool! RayB'z look fresh still though. oh and thats my mom, wtf she cheesin about?


we ate P.F.C.C.B. (Paul Fleming Chang's China Bistro)to tell the truth i have no clue why we even look at the menu's. Ever since my first time there which was like 10th grade we get the SAME thing. I guess its a habit.ANDDDD then shopped to walk it off, and then took a restroom break :) and i took a photo opp lol
bff k.gigglz on the phone :)
MinaLo; not phased by the recession

p.s. Thank you Laura and Kaylannie for the Lucky Brand gift card it was put to WELLL good use today. I love you both *muah!*


Kyle Adriel said...

ur cam takes some great shots..

ill give u $1 for that camera..and btw..ur welcome ;)

MinaLo said...

haha $1 tho.
try 1.5 G's ...your funny!
and problem ;)

Umi-San said...

yo... i wish i could have some changs, YUMM.. i am being phased by the rescission lol. Your forever going shopping im so jealous!

MinaLo said...

hey i just be spending ridiculous even though i shouldnt, ill miss a couple meals for some sneakers. Thats jus how ive always been though. IDK im addicted and im not kidding. I dont need shit i just automatically think it would be awesome in my closet. LIKE I NEED A THERAPIST i swear. butttttttttt when i live in NY you gotta save money so we can blow it ;)

Umi-San said...

sounds like a deal to me :)
i used to have a shopping problem too i know how it feels, that compulsive, ahhhh i gotta have this... lol i understand, if you really wanna stop just stop going to the mall, lord knows ill never be caught dead at the mall anymore, cant do it, its just way too heart breaking for me lol

MinaLo said...

girl i shop online mostly! lol but this day i used a giftcard from my bday... I was just pretending to be balling by writing not phased lmao Going to the mall is not a problem i can avoid stores but i see it online and im like UGHHHHHHHH