Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i support any sincere hustle...SHOUT OUT TO PRIVILEGEDKID

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA boy! As my title says i support any sincere hustle and this next shout out is to PrivilegedKid. PVK is the next big thing and if you dont think so then ima laugh in your face later. Shout out to CEO over there Orlando, doing his thanggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real tough got some promotional stuff from him and this right here is a bumper sticker he sent me. REAL MENTAL i digg all the stuff he is tryna do with his life and Shout out to LUDAconsay for seeing all that this dude is...thats his shorty so dont try and talk to him lol she is the reason i know him so big ups over there hit up her blog as well as PVK blog, you know...Liveasy!

Hit the boy up @TWITTER as well as the WEBPAGE

...MinaLo; seeing the dream in others

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