Saturday, January 31, 2009

hectic day

*blastin* John Mayer - Say

Basically all day i was out. I almost forgot to do this as i am watching SNL it occurred to me. So far i haven't forgot but i gotta get like a memory game for game boy or something. I am ALWAYS forgetting important things. the man upstairs is watching me though because i get to "it" before too late.

Well i went to the pawn shop today, amongst everywhere else, it was actually really interesting because they had a Wii in there. Wii's are still sold out everywhere most places, HEY EVERYONE! CHECK THE PAWN SHOP!... maybe i should buy that used one and sell it on ebay haha SIKE i want it for myself. At least i know where to find it when i do get around to it. Im usually iffy about used stuff from pawn shops but then i realized the Wii is relatively new! So it cant be damaged or horribly used, right? yea, its RIGHT.

So i thought today "how can i make the blog picture more creative?" I came to the conclusion, what better way then to get in my brain haha so Umnnnnnn the photo, the picture for today's blog is the front page of my sketchbook. Everything else in there is an unfinished thought, so i thought it best; to include something interesting. If you haven't already noticed... the graffiti says, Mina not so many words

Friday, January 30, 2009

my life.

Hmm bad news: i never thought of something more creative today. Im kinda depressed today :/ no reason why just not happy. you know how people say, "oh my life is so content right now"...? yea, well i have come to the conclusion they are B**l S***in or dont know what content is. Life is not content in general! maybe just yours?

*blastin* Lil Wayne- HELP

On a lighter note i got some more ideas for shirts :) production is coming soon. Oh the picture is an xbox remote, but you knew that. I wish my life was a controler...pause good moments and play right through the bad ones. yea right, only if the world was controlled by Mina Lo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

minalo makes lame blogs.

Is my title an oxymoron? I thought it was until I realized I don't write anything good. I think I should get more creative. I mean I am creative! just been busy. :/ well,

today I went to work...all day!!! and then came home. I made some shirts. im a (wo)man made factory :) I have made a couple more designs but I have yet to print them. I should really get back 'on' my game tho. still waiting for those paints and ill get back to it. my picture is basically an obama shirt that I make. yea well that's like my entire day wrapped up. ill think of something better tomorrow, minalo.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

with the fog...

Today...ALL DAY, it was really foggy outiside. Which made it very hard to drive, it was weird COLD humidity. Like if i put my heat on because its cold, the windows fog up....I hate that kind of weather. Despite the fog, school remained the "inclimate" weather warning today :\
So today my math book came in the mail, YAY. Its only like the third week of the semester. Oh, dont worry UPS take your time, ill wait. I ordered that crap like last week it should have been here monday. Never again will i do advance shipping because my homework was due Monday idiots not Wednesday! Oh well, what can'ya do??? Let's see, ...hmmmmmmm, ummmmmnnnn, im at work right now and wow!, i really cant think. So i will just type nonsense until i can think of something better. Umnnnnnnnnnn Well,

This morning i took my dog for a walk like 30 minutes. It wasnt suppose to be like that but it happened that way. He tricked me. I was amazed at how everything was frozen and REALLLLLY pretty today. Like all the tree's were frozen and the ones with no leaves were like clear. It was like a movie where there are frozen tree's and flowers. Yea insane but it was really pretty at the same time. You know those humungous bushes? the ones that have those lil poisionous red berries on them and are prickly? Kinda look like it mistletoe? hmmm anyway that is what is in my picture for today. Yea so im walking around amazed and my dog is taking me around the block lol took a minute before i realized he took advantage. oh well, umn yea thats the pic but ughmm I think ill stop posting pictures of me for a while mainly because they get boring and i can only make a limited number of faces....funny or meaningful (to the picture) faces at least haha

OHHHH today is exactly two weeks since i lived mentioned my life days, online :) I MADE IT! only like 50 more weeks to go haha. hmmmm yea wutev. I just have to accept that in my case, progress is a slow process. UMnnnnn Today i ordered more Paints. oh yea your probably asking 'for what!'...For the shirts that i make. I never ordered online before from places other than a department or regular store. I hope i didnt just get jacked for my credit card number :\ that would suck. Umn i guess we will find out in "2-6 business days." hahahahahahaha Yea well i have been thinking of more shirt designs. So i need Models ASAP. Tell me your size in mens t-shirts so i can make it. T-shirt Line name is ContempoRetro™ by Mina Lo to the readers who didnt know.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what do i say?

Today I almost forgot to blog :/ but im here haha no worries! umn my day was amazing it started with hail...both my dog and I were confused as we went outside around 8:20. My dog has never seen hail, so it was great watching him constantly shake it(the hail) off his back and then he kept licking the icy ground hahaha good stuff. I was only confused because I didn't think the area was that cold for hail.hmmm but it is.

Umnnn today I went to work and that was it, because my class got cancelled! HECK YEA! I was so tired and when my school put the "inclimate" weather warning up I just knew I could go home and fall asleep. THAT did not happen :/ but at least I am relaxed. hmmm I hope we have inclimate weather tomorrow too. Does that make me sound like the ultimate 'laze'? mmm wutev.

Sooo right now im watching bad girls club hahaha, love that show. American Idol really sucked tonight. I don't think I will enjoy this season, although all I watch are all the auditions and then the final 3 or 4 episodes. It doesn't look too good. lol I love how I can just cut out the middle :)

Umn okay im kinda rambling to get a blog so ill just go now. oh! the picture = Prepy Mina Lo. if you click it that not a boogie my nose ring was twisted :\

Monday, January 26, 2009


so today it snowed very briefly. The weather man hyped us up for like hmmmmmm TWO WEEKS. Yea well i forgot that i bought that hoodie >>>>>
yesterday and i saw it in my closet this morning and it fit the mood. First task of the day was my Spanish test, that i totally Aced. *applauds self* first off i would like to thank god because with out him i couldn't grace you guys with my awesomeness and secondly i'd like to thank Miguel...for watching me study on my desk,and third i would like to thank the fans! thank you thank you haha so i just completely gave an "A" acceptance speech. LAME but anyways yea i completely Aced that test. Task One, Complete.

Second task today, check the prices for a laptop and a two TV's at Circuit City because they are going out of business. That is just so sad. Well i found a 32 inch Samsung HDTV for $594.90 i thought that was pretty freakin dope. There was a 23 inch for $515.00 i'm thinkin the 32 inch is a better deal so we will probably go with that one. Umn as for laptops i found an HPMini that weighs two pounds and is the cutest thing ever for $404.00. I think that is what we will go with as well, its for my mom and it can fit in her briefcase. So yea task Two is Complete.

umn my third task is to bless you with my smile hahahaaa "so cocky mina jeeeez." Yea its true. Thats what my picture is there for though. hmmm and to show of the medallion hangin from my necklace! haha sike. My chain hangs low! sike i got that negative hangtime. Its okay though its religious not meant to be all big. Task Three, Complete.

Well there isnt like much to talk about i have class tonight at 7, should be interesting. I HATE MATH ughh but wutev. I guess my fourth task will be to not fall asleep in there. We dont get out until 10. BLaahhhhh

This is day 13 of my 366 scenario/// put me on blast so your whole block can hear me yo//ending my blog on a stupid little flow//noone else could do it just ya girl, MinaLo. kyea! ya tu sabe

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well today i went to Potomac mills....with my mom. It was alot of fun because i got alot of stuff. I got paid friday and well, im broke on Sunday! ahahhaaa its okay though. I got a cute hoodie and then some shirts and stuff. uhmm and these shoes that are reallly weird, heirgo i like them haha but it was a chill day.

by the way! is superbowl today? like there were madddd people outside shopping, if it is today, it must not be a big deal :\

Oh and to explain my picture i had an amazing taco salad at this restaurant called Guapos. It was REALLLLY good. Apparently they (the restaurant) are only located in the DMV area. When we first went in we thought it was like Azteca or any other mexican restaurant but it most definitely was not. We walked in and it was set up like a taco bell but there were seats and stuff. So you order then sit down and wait for your number but the food is not fast food. Its like a real restaurant, "sit down" kinda food. It was great. My taco salad had real chicken on it. You could tell they barbecued the chicken then stripped it up and places it on the best lettuce ever. haha so yea thats the story of today :) and the restaurant is called Guapo's pero los chicos no 'stan guapos! LOL uhmmm Spanish test tomorrow HEY guys, pray for MinaLo.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weird Strawberry

umn so what do we know im procrastinating again. WELLLLLL not really because i have a spanish test monday and i have been practicing all week and into today. I think im ready :) Umn but i will come back later to explain my day and the title of this blog, oh as well as the picture that will soon be posted on here. STAY UP! ill be back in a bit tomorrow probably

I posted the pic if you havn't noticed :) yay haha isnt that strawberry really weird? It was like a normal top with tripple bottom. It looked disgusting but probably the sweetest one in the bunch. My mom and i ate berry n cool whip salad while watching slumdog millionaire, my second time but her first, it was amazing. Well im going to go study again because if there is one kid on earth who refuses to fail it would be MinaLo.

Friday, January 23, 2009

peaceful friday night

today is friday and im watchin tv eatin pizza umnnnn i needa include a pic, bbl


well today was great i just watched tv and waited for my mom to get home this weekend. so remember yesterday when i showed you Manuel? umnnnnn i was reminded by LC how wrong i was. HAHA so it turns out, his name is Miguel!!!! lmaooo funny how i wrote the pronunciation of "manuel" and everything, maybe my mind drifted. His name is totally Miguel. So today the picture is of him re-meeting me :/ what a "lame" i am for forgetting his name. AHHHH he will be ok :D the only person i can think of to forget their proportion figure's name would be MinaLo.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i hate waiting.

So today i realized that im impatient. Not with Using the bathroom >>>
but i realized that the most important thing that one should complain to wait on, i usually don't care. Little things that one should wait on because it ins't important, i go crazy.

So ill just get to the point, i hate waiting for the computer to load. I was at work earlier and i clicked the Internet Explorer icon. Do you know that the thing was taking maybe 3 seconds longer than usual and i closed the box only to re-click the icon for it to reopen. So the second time was also unsuccessful and i kinda got angry haha. Like i totally closed it out waited like 2 seconds and then clicked the icon again to try to make it work. After i did this and nothing happened i just walked away from my desk. I am not sure why i even had to get online.

So this got me thinking like remember when there was Dial-Up? okay thats sad there is probably still dial-up around and i completely just made a generalization as if its in the past...mmmm wutev. Well remember when there was dial-up, "we" use to wait maybe 3 entire minutes 180 seconds for the computer to load haha and that was considered fast!
it just hit me that its called dialup because the computer had to 'dial-up' the provider you had, like a.o.l. haha

So thats when it hit me im impatient, i have yet to find out what else im impatient for but waiting on the computer is most definitely one. It is very peculiar that i don't get angry to wait in long lines or on the phone when im on hold, i just go with the flow. Maybe when its self inflicted like there is no other option but to wait, is when i don't care, but if i REALLY want something i get pissed its not working immediately. (like the internet)

Oh and the lil dude in the Picture is Manuel,(pronounced [ mawng-huell ] he is my proportion figure that my friend LC bought me. The name Manuel is deeply rooted to my best first day...and only day going to IKEA. Ughmm he is waiting to use the bathroom. In front of SoccerMan and behind SqueekySnowman. SqueekySnowman is Oro's...the dog of Mina Lo. greys anatomy comes on tonight

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

no more text messages.

Umn well you know how people have weird names for their car or favorite posession like an instrument? Yea umn so i dont have one for my phone but today i think that i will name it Billy the Mogul. Mogul is the stock name for my phone anyways but i have decided to name her Billy. Not Billy as in William but more like Billy as in Billy Jean. So i arrived at this when i noticed how bad she was bruised up. Billy Jean has got to be one bad broad if she had michael jackson on his toes haha. So in turn my phone is basically the 'hardcorest' of them all.

Today when i text my best friend kay (i havnt really spoken to her since the party) i dropped Billy. Usually she is easy to get back in the flow of things when she falls down like 13 steps or in the road before a car comes and SOMETIMES even on the bathrooms hard tile. Well for some reason i think she is telling me she had enough of being a tomboy-supercool-hardcore-badass-indestructable-cellular device. Wanna know why i know this? welp! her message button fell off. Pretty ironic for me to be texting and the message button falls off. HMMmmmmm. Well actually thats my blog im kinda hurtin for Billy, like im not sure if she wants her button back or what but i really need it on there. If im not suppose to text anymore like whats the use of a Mogul? the supercool keyboard is meant for texting and email. Im just really heart just imagine how Billy feels. Should i superglue it....back...on?

HEY yo! on a lighter note i found my memory was in my wallet, dont ask. OOOOO wait, maybe Billy is telling me i cant have both its either the Memory Card or the Message button. Then it wouldnt make sense for the message button to be there prior to the loss of the memory card, hahaha i sound so crazy umnnn lol yea wutev.

What should i do with Billy Jean? She is my stickman, [me] meaning Mina Lo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today is what i said yesterday

today was suppose to be tomorrow so i will have to catch up once again :/ tough times at school and work Geez gotta fill you guys in but hopefully tomorrow forreal well i cant fll false promisses so maybe the next day? who knows, not me well keep your heads up until i get back...

ANDdddddddd we're back! So today at noon we officially recieved a new president...In the words of Paris Hilton THATS HOT. Bush seemed kinda sad that he had to take off in the helicoptor. hahaha that was actually my favorite part of the entire thing. Anyways Was it only me or on CNN did they show a clip of Bush and his family's posessions on the side of the whitehouse. Like briefly there was an arial view of the moving truck and Boxes leaving HAHAHAHAAA damn straight kicked his az* out huh? Good Stuff.

Well i actually had class all night so i couldnt really watch all the super cool Balls that the president and first lady attended. I hear that the neighborhood ball was the best. That would be the one with all the celebrities who perform.Ph ust to briefly interrupt, when i was at school i had some great conversation with a cute guy. Actually the same cute guy from a previous post. [thats the pic.kinda stalkerish] i thought it was cute we wear the same shoes Umn when i got home i chilled out and watched some Bad Girls Club. Whoaaaa that show is funny. I cant wait until next week. Yea okay i think this enough of a blog.lazy

the ultimate blogging procrastinator,

Monday, January 19, 2009

umn ya

i need to cath up on my blogs hmmm tomorrow at work i most definitely will.

....umn obama is president tomorrow and ill go to work anddddddd umn anything else to distract you from not noticing i didnt post a picture umnnnnnn yeaaa so umn like yeaaaaaa your right hahaa so funny Mina Lo yea sure ughhh huh and then my dog is supperrr minalocrazy.

[how about this is a revisit to this blog]
umn i totally still had a hangover this day and like never took pictures...lame. So i guess i will have to go 366 days?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

remember that party?

sooo i wont ever party that hard ever again its not safe.....ill include more later.

....excuse me as i go throw up.

Okay so im back to explain. AHEEMMMMM. Well if anyone knows me they know i dont drink often but when there is a party i do not fight it. So i went to Newport news "yesterday" to see my best friend Kay. She has her own apartment and her own car well "she got her own" basically. She decided to have a party because she has never had a huge one and i said "hey im your besfriend put me down, im coming over there." When i got there is was she and i alone for about 30 minutes and people started to arrive. We had all kinds of drinks there was Regular absolute, Pear Absolute, Rasberry absolute and Ciroc. Well with the regular absolute we mixed a drink called skittle. It contains cool-aid and mountain dew amongst other things. Then we made Monster, yes the energy drink, we mix that with the Pear Absolute. OH! make sure its green monster. I didnt realize until after i drank this that it may not be safe i could have had an adolescent heart attack. Hmmm but when your drunk it doesnt matter.

Well for the other stuff, let me just say Puff Daddy, Sean John, Puffy, Mr. Combs, ashole that dances like an idiot sometimes! anyways he has been false advertising Ciroc Supreme Vodka because it wasnt THAT amazing. None-the-less- try at your own risk.

sooooo the picture in this Blog is a Drunk one, not very proud of it but its prettyyyy hilarious. Oh and to any underage readers, i am an underage drinker advising you to pleaseee remember to eat before, during and after you drink or it WILL be horrible. UGhhhh just to clear things up im not a drunken soul im just Mina Lo.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

party hard

im going to a party tonight AHHH, its my best friends, i hope we have alot of fun. Thats a picture of me, if you didnt already know. The weather man said snow would be coming...I hope not while im driving okay Well i gtg

Mina Lo.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its not materialistic

Have you ever lost something? Like something that means nothing yet you use to use it everyday? Something you take for granted and you didnt even realize? Well today my blog was suppose to be about how cold virginia has been. I even had this amazing idea to take a picture outside; my friend trey said, perhaps outside a bank or big building that had a thermometer, While in the distance i'd stand like a "cold" person.
You gotta admit thats a pretty awesome picture in the making.
Yea, well that idea came to CRAZY hault when i was in the midst of texting my friend LC. I met a cute boy well the thing is i havnt told many people but i was going to tell her. It isnt a big deal i always meet cute boys but there is some periodic table of craziness going on with this kid (chemistry). Anyways so i was suppose to show her a sneak attack picture that i took of him lol, stalker-like i know but he was just so cute and nice. So I go through my phone and notice that there is no "storage card" option. I immediately look at the bottom of my phone only to find an empty memory card slot (Picture above). It was like the mix your favorite rollercoaster that makes yor stomach tickle along with hearing that someone died. It was a feeling so bittersweet that even the explanation i just gave pays it no justice.

Its crazy how everyday i use the thing and never think of HEY what if it disappears randomly tomorrow. Well i think noone does that but i never realized how much that tiny piece of plastic and metal meant to me.

So I called my mom, to tell her how i lost a memory card and how horrible it feels because all of my pictures, ringtones and music were on it. I have come to the conclusion that Will Smith was right in saying "parents just dont understand", but apparently sisters dont either, because when i told my sister she couldnt understand how bloody-heart-wrenched-ripped-out i was. She said "just remember how happy your life was before the memory card." I still think that once you become accustomed to something, it is very hard to just deal with no longer having it. I believe the reason i feel so strongly for this memory card is because there were photos on it that i will never get back. Pictures that mean ABSOLUTELY nothing, but when i look at them it brings back a memory where i can remember everything that happened. From the outside looking in most people would say "Mina why the heck do you have this[picture] in your phone?" and i simply say "because that day was sooo freakin funny!" then i continue to tell why that day was so great, or evenwhy that exact moment was life changing. Its indescribable. umn now i think of it before this all happened i thought it would be fun to see a movie today. I try not to dwell in my sadness but i dont think im in the mood for a movie anymore.

The movie of choice?....Notorious because it comes out today. I think it will be a great movie. I also think its a shame i wont be joining the croud. Hhmmmm on a lighter note my best friend Kay.Gigglz is having a party saturday night, with people i dont know so it should be a blast. Ughhhh Well I gotta get back to work, but you should think about the things that you lost which were also something that you took for granted. It shouldnt be too hard because i know im not the only loser who lost a combination of these circumstances, unexpectadely. It can be as small as a memory card or as big as a person. From this day forward i have to remind myself that it might not be here tomorrow. Not many would be sad about a memory card, but many are not MinaLo.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wishing for tomorrow

Today is an okay day if you think 27 degree weather in the south.... v i r g i n i a, is normal. Or if you think being at work all day with nothing fun to do is a "good time". Well if you havnt caught on, today was rather boring, well other than that time i went to the "bodega" to get some NOW and LATERS. Well i didnt go for exactly that but there were there. I wanted them then, ate two and i have 2 full 10 packs for later. It kinda explains the name, perhaps because its one of those candies you only want one or two of and then put it away to never take it out for the rest of the day, sooo im thinking that's the LATER part. Okay that's enough, lets see, i kinda just really wish it were weekend. so my blog is called wishing for tomorrow because my can calendar (the picture included) is on tomorow. I think i somehow convinced myself if i put the date on tomorrow then it will feel less lame and closer to the weekend. i was wrong :/ and so when all else fails take a picture hmmm maybe thats just my motto/cliche? yea probably. So the thing about this blogging is i'd like to do it for an entire year, everyday. Although i go on ALOT of vacations and lets say i leave the country and there is no screwed. I shouldn't be too worried about that now but it crossed my mind, call me crazy. But i know im just MinaLo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Longest first day.

Okay so i have decided to finally post on this site forreal. Maybe a little bit of an intro to me? Well i will start by saying i love art. Okay that sounds too proper and lame. That intro i just wrote umn yea well, i spent the last two hours trying to figure out a Flickr account. I want to record my entire yr in photos. For my first day, which is today, i figured out some cool stuff on my camera. Changing the exposure really creates something cool....the pic above, yea its NOT photoshopp'd.

...this is my first entry to my 365 day photo display. Oh by the way when i said i would give an intro to me, i think i lied. Its a bit too much for me. This year you will see who i am on your own. I am MinaLo.