Friday, January 16, 2009

Its not materialistic

Have you ever lost something? Like something that means nothing yet you use to use it everyday? Something you take for granted and you didnt even realize? Well today my blog was suppose to be about how cold virginia has been. I even had this amazing idea to take a picture outside; my friend trey said, perhaps outside a bank or big building that had a thermometer, While in the distance i'd stand like a "cold" person.
You gotta admit thats a pretty awesome picture in the making.
Yea, well that idea came to CRAZY hault when i was in the midst of texting my friend LC. I met a cute boy well the thing is i havnt told many people but i was going to tell her. It isnt a big deal i always meet cute boys but there is some periodic table of craziness going on with this kid (chemistry). Anyways so i was suppose to show her a sneak attack picture that i took of him lol, stalker-like i know but he was just so cute and nice. So I go through my phone and notice that there is no "storage card" option. I immediately look at the bottom of my phone only to find an empty memory card slot (Picture above). It was like the mix your favorite rollercoaster that makes yor stomach tickle along with hearing that someone died. It was a feeling so bittersweet that even the explanation i just gave pays it no justice.

Its crazy how everyday i use the thing and never think of HEY what if it disappears randomly tomorrow. Well i think noone does that but i never realized how much that tiny piece of plastic and metal meant to me.

So I called my mom, to tell her how i lost a memory card and how horrible it feels because all of my pictures, ringtones and music were on it. I have come to the conclusion that Will Smith was right in saying "parents just dont understand", but apparently sisters dont either, because when i told my sister she couldnt understand how bloody-heart-wrenched-ripped-out i was. She said "just remember how happy your life was before the memory card." I still think that once you become accustomed to something, it is very hard to just deal with no longer having it. I believe the reason i feel so strongly for this memory card is because there were photos on it that i will never get back. Pictures that mean ABSOLUTELY nothing, but when i look at them it brings back a memory where i can remember everything that happened. From the outside looking in most people would say "Mina why the heck do you have this[picture] in your phone?" and i simply say "because that day was sooo freakin funny!" then i continue to tell why that day was so great, or evenwhy that exact moment was life changing. Its indescribable. umn now i think of it before this all happened i thought it would be fun to see a movie today. I try not to dwell in my sadness but i dont think im in the mood for a movie anymore.

The movie of choice?....Notorious because it comes out today. I think it will be a great movie. I also think its a shame i wont be joining the croud. Hhmmmm on a lighter note my best friend Kay.Gigglz is having a party saturday night, with people i dont know so it should be a blast. Ughhhh Well I gotta get back to work, but you should think about the things that you lost which were also something that you took for granted. It shouldnt be too hard because i know im not the only loser who lost a combination of these circumstances, unexpectadely. It can be as small as a memory card or as big as a person. From this day forward i have to remind myself that it might not be here tomorrow. Not many would be sad about a memory card, but many are not MinaLo.

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I hope you find it :)