Monday, January 26, 2009


so today it snowed very briefly. The weather man hyped us up for like hmmmmmm TWO WEEKS. Yea well i forgot that i bought that hoodie >>>>>
yesterday and i saw it in my closet this morning and it fit the mood. First task of the day was my Spanish test, that i totally Aced. *applauds self* first off i would like to thank god because with out him i couldn't grace you guys with my awesomeness and secondly i'd like to thank Miguel...for watching me study on my desk,and third i would like to thank the fans! thank you thank you haha so i just completely gave an "A" acceptance speech. LAME but anyways yea i completely Aced that test. Task One, Complete.

Second task today, check the prices for a laptop and a two TV's at Circuit City because they are going out of business. That is just so sad. Well i found a 32 inch Samsung HDTV for $594.90 i thought that was pretty freakin dope. There was a 23 inch for $515.00 i'm thinkin the 32 inch is a better deal so we will probably go with that one. Umn as for laptops i found an HPMini that weighs two pounds and is the cutest thing ever for $404.00. I think that is what we will go with as well, its for my mom and it can fit in her briefcase. So yea task Two is Complete.

umn my third task is to bless you with my smile hahahaaa "so cocky mina jeeeez." Yea its true. Thats what my picture is there for though. hmmm and to show of the medallion hangin from my necklace! haha sike. My chain hangs low! sike i got that negative hangtime. Its okay though its religious not meant to be all big. Task Three, Complete.

Well there isnt like much to talk about i have class tonight at 7, should be interesting. I HATE MATH ughh but wutev. I guess my fourth task will be to not fall asleep in there. We dont get out until 10. BLaahhhhh

This is day 13 of my 366 scenario/// put me on blast so your whole block can hear me yo//ending my blog on a stupid little flow//noone else could do it just ya girl, MinaLo. kyea! ya tu sabe

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