Thursday, January 22, 2009

i hate waiting.

So today i realized that im impatient. Not with Using the bathroom >>>
but i realized that the most important thing that one should complain to wait on, i usually don't care. Little things that one should wait on because it ins't important, i go crazy.

So ill just get to the point, i hate waiting for the computer to load. I was at work earlier and i clicked the Internet Explorer icon. Do you know that the thing was taking maybe 3 seconds longer than usual and i closed the box only to re-click the icon for it to reopen. So the second time was also unsuccessful and i kinda got angry haha. Like i totally closed it out waited like 2 seconds and then clicked the icon again to try to make it work. After i did this and nothing happened i just walked away from my desk. I am not sure why i even had to get online.

So this got me thinking like remember when there was Dial-Up? okay thats sad there is probably still dial-up around and i completely just made a generalization as if its in the past...mmmm wutev. Well remember when there was dial-up, "we" use to wait maybe 3 entire minutes 180 seconds for the computer to load haha and that was considered fast!
it just hit me that its called dialup because the computer had to 'dial-up' the provider you had, like a.o.l. haha

So thats when it hit me im impatient, i have yet to find out what else im impatient for but waiting on the computer is most definitely one. It is very peculiar that i don't get angry to wait in long lines or on the phone when im on hold, i just go with the flow. Maybe when its self inflicted like there is no other option but to wait, is when i don't care, but if i REALLY want something i get pissed its not working immediately. (like the internet)

Oh and the lil dude in the Picture is Manuel,(pronounced [ mawng-huell ] he is my proportion figure that my friend LC bought me. The name Manuel is deeply rooted to my best first day...and only day going to IKEA. Ughmm he is waiting to use the bathroom. In front of SoccerMan and behind SqueekySnowman. SqueekySnowman is Oro's...the dog of Mina Lo. greys anatomy comes on tonight

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