Sunday, January 18, 2009

remember that party?

sooo i wont ever party that hard ever again its not safe.....ill include more later.

....excuse me as i go throw up.

Okay so im back to explain. AHEEMMMMM. Well if anyone knows me they know i dont drink often but when there is a party i do not fight it. So i went to Newport news "yesterday" to see my best friend Kay. She has her own apartment and her own car well "she got her own" basically. She decided to have a party because she has never had a huge one and i said "hey im your besfriend put me down, im coming over there." When i got there is was she and i alone for about 30 minutes and people started to arrive. We had all kinds of drinks there was Regular absolute, Pear Absolute, Rasberry absolute and Ciroc. Well with the regular absolute we mixed a drink called skittle. It contains cool-aid and mountain dew amongst other things. Then we made Monster, yes the energy drink, we mix that with the Pear Absolute. OH! make sure its green monster. I didnt realize until after i drank this that it may not be safe i could have had an adolescent heart attack. Hmmm but when your drunk it doesnt matter.

Well for the other stuff, let me just say Puff Daddy, Sean John, Puffy, Mr. Combs, ashole that dances like an idiot sometimes! anyways he has been false advertising Ciroc Supreme Vodka because it wasnt THAT amazing. None-the-less- try at your own risk.

sooooo the picture in this Blog is a Drunk one, not very proud of it but its prettyyyy hilarious. Oh and to any underage readers, i am an underage drinker advising you to pleaseee remember to eat before, during and after you drink or it WILL be horrible. UGhhhh just to clear things up im not a drunken soul im just Mina Lo.

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Trey said...

haha aww.
Feel better. got water?