Wednesday, January 28, 2009

with the fog...

Today...ALL DAY, it was really foggy outiside. Which made it very hard to drive, it was weird COLD humidity. Like if i put my heat on because its cold, the windows fog up....I hate that kind of weather. Despite the fog, school remained the "inclimate" weather warning today :\
So today my math book came in the mail, YAY. Its only like the third week of the semester. Oh, dont worry UPS take your time, ill wait. I ordered that crap like last week it should have been here monday. Never again will i do advance shipping because my homework was due Monday idiots not Wednesday! Oh well, what can'ya do??? Let's see, ...hmmmmmmm, ummmmmnnnn, im at work right now and wow!, i really cant think. So i will just type nonsense until i can think of something better. Umnnnnnnnnnn Well,

This morning i took my dog for a walk like 30 minutes. It wasnt suppose to be like that but it happened that way. He tricked me. I was amazed at how everything was frozen and REALLLLLY pretty today. Like all the tree's were frozen and the ones with no leaves were like clear. It was like a movie where there are frozen tree's and flowers. Yea insane but it was really pretty at the same time. You know those humungous bushes? the ones that have those lil poisionous red berries on them and are prickly? Kinda look like it mistletoe? hmmm anyway that is what is in my picture for today. Yea so im walking around amazed and my dog is taking me around the block lol took a minute before i realized he took advantage. oh well, umn yea thats the pic but ughmm I think ill stop posting pictures of me for a while mainly because they get boring and i can only make a limited number of faces....funny or meaningful (to the picture) faces at least haha

OHHHH today is exactly two weeks since i lived mentioned my life days, online :) I MADE IT! only like 50 more weeks to go haha. hmmmm yea wutev. I just have to accept that in my case, progress is a slow process. UMnnnnn Today i ordered more Paints. oh yea your probably asking 'for what!'...For the shirts that i make. I never ordered online before from places other than a department or regular store. I hope i didnt just get jacked for my credit card number :\ that would suck. Umn i guess we will find out in "2-6 business days." hahahahahahaha Yea well i have been thinking of more shirt designs. So i need Models ASAP. Tell me your size in mens t-shirts so i can make it. T-shirt Line name is ContempoRetro™ by Mina Lo to the readers who didnt know.

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