Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weird Strawberry

umn so what do we know im procrastinating again. WELLLLLL not really because i have a spanish test monday and i have been practicing all week and into today. I think im ready :) Umn but i will come back later to explain my day and the title of this blog, oh as well as the picture that will soon be posted on here. STAY UP! ill be back in a bit tomorrow probably

I posted the pic if you havn't noticed :) yay haha isnt that strawberry really weird? It was like a normal top with tripple bottom. It looked disgusting but probably the sweetest one in the bunch. My mom and i ate berry n cool whip salad while watching slumdog millionaire, my second time but her first, it was amazing. Well im going to go study again because if there is one kid on earth who refuses to fail it would be MinaLo.

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