Wednesday, January 21, 2009

no more text messages.

Umn well you know how people have weird names for their car or favorite posession like an instrument? Yea umn so i dont have one for my phone but today i think that i will name it Billy the Mogul. Mogul is the stock name for my phone anyways but i have decided to name her Billy. Not Billy as in William but more like Billy as in Billy Jean. So i arrived at this when i noticed how bad she was bruised up. Billy Jean has got to be one bad broad if she had michael jackson on his toes haha. So in turn my phone is basically the 'hardcorest' of them all.

Today when i text my best friend kay (i havnt really spoken to her since the party) i dropped Billy. Usually she is easy to get back in the flow of things when she falls down like 13 steps or in the road before a car comes and SOMETIMES even on the bathrooms hard tile. Well for some reason i think she is telling me she had enough of being a tomboy-supercool-hardcore-badass-indestructable-cellular device. Wanna know why i know this? welp! her message button fell off. Pretty ironic for me to be texting and the message button falls off. HMMmmmmm. Well actually thats my blog im kinda hurtin for Billy, like im not sure if she wants her button back or what but i really need it on there. If im not suppose to text anymore like whats the use of a Mogul? the supercool keyboard is meant for texting and email. Im just really heart just imagine how Billy feels. Should i superglue it....back...on?

HEY yo! on a lighter note i found my memory was in my wallet, dont ask. OOOOO wait, maybe Billy is telling me i cant have both its either the Memory Card or the Message button. Then it wouldnt make sense for the message button to be there prior to the loss of the memory card, hahaha i sound so crazy umnnn lol yea wutev.

What should i do with Billy Jean? She is my stickman, [me] meaning Mina Lo.

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Anonymous said...

lmao i never thought bout that. N hell yea billy jeans a bad ass bitch hahaha so thats a bangin name. As for ur homie i would say superglue it. Maybe u found ur memory card after the msg button fell off cuz its tryna make u realize u dont apreciate her enough and its giving u a second chance 2 show her how u really feel.