Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well today i went to Potomac mills....with my mom. It was alot of fun because i got alot of stuff. I got paid friday and well, im broke on Sunday! ahahhaaa its okay though. I got a cute hoodie and then some shirts and stuff. uhmm and these shoes that are reallly weird, heirgo i like them haha but it was a chill day.

by the way! is superbowl today? like there were madddd people outside shopping, if it is today, it must not be a big deal :\

Oh and to explain my picture i had an amazing taco salad at this restaurant called Guapos. It was REALLLLY good. Apparently they (the restaurant) are only located in the DMV area. When we first went in we thought it was like Azteca or any other mexican restaurant but it most definitely was not. We walked in and it was set up like a taco bell but there were seats and stuff. So you order then sit down and wait for your number but the food is not fast food. Its like a real restaurant, "sit down" kinda food. It was great. My taco salad had real chicken on it. You could tell they barbecued the chicken then stripped it up and places it on the best lettuce ever. haha so yea thats the story of today :) and the restaurant is called Guapo's pero los chicos no 'stan guapos! LOL uhmmm Spanish test tomorrow HEY guys, pray for MinaLo.

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Dee said...

Good luck on your test tomorrow. I love the image. That taco salad looks super yum, too bad I turned veggie again.