Saturday, January 31, 2009

hectic day

*blastin* John Mayer - Say

Basically all day i was out. I almost forgot to do this as i am watching SNL it occurred to me. So far i haven't forgot but i gotta get like a memory game for game boy or something. I am ALWAYS forgetting important things. the man upstairs is watching me though because i get to "it" before too late.

Well i went to the pawn shop today, amongst everywhere else, it was actually really interesting because they had a Wii in there. Wii's are still sold out everywhere most places, HEY EVERYONE! CHECK THE PAWN SHOP!... maybe i should buy that used one and sell it on ebay haha SIKE i want it for myself. At least i know where to find it when i do get around to it. Im usually iffy about used stuff from pawn shops but then i realized the Wii is relatively new! So it cant be damaged or horribly used, right? yea, its RIGHT.

So i thought today "how can i make the blog picture more creative?" I came to the conclusion, what better way then to get in my brain haha so Umnnnnnn the photo, the picture for today's blog is the front page of my sketchbook. Everything else in there is an unfinished thought, so i thought it best; to include something interesting. If you haven't already noticed... the graffiti says, Mina not so many words

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