Sunday, February 1, 2009

math homework

All I did today was math homework! im so angry and then like 1 hr ago I started to watch WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU. umnnn so if you haven't noticed the time this blog is posted on feb 1st in reference to me doing homework alll day and watching WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU then you would notice I missed the Superbowl hahahahaahahaahahahahahahaha and im not even mad! I think everyone has given up on Superbowl this year. hmmm.

Well im mad that I get soo many homework assignments. I only have the class on Mondays so the teacher is like finding a way to make up for lost time. Someone should like burn all his assignments and erase his blackboard database. mmmm I went extreme. I take it back, just screw up his database. sike no erase everything...ughhhh I hate math and im going to be an architect! but in the firm they have calculators and computers with autocad software that does the math and I sooooo understand that software. whatever :/
*my pic has no significance*
its 9:09 and I have to take the trash that dangerous? haha mmmm wuteva, i'm gunna do it cuz im Mina Lo.

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