Friday, February 13, 2009

Nica's BDAY

Today i am going to a Filipino Debut party. My lil friend veroNica is turning 18. Im really excited for her. Other than the fact otday is friday the 13th i believe her party will be STRAIGHT up "da bomb" ill take a picture with her to put up here because i know we will be lookin fly. Umn tomorrow is valentines....WHOA! you know what that means!!! ...and if you find out then tell me too, okay? yea umn im not sure what i am doing hopefully its fun.

Something weird is i never care abt valentines like im not a downer on the holiday but nor am i super happy for it. It feels like a normal day other than the balloons and flowers that are in EVERY store. hmm wutev haha. Umn so yea super big party tonight im extra happy...

Mina Lo.

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