Thursday, February 26, 2009

movie date :)

movie night!!!! as the title says :) and.....

with Ami

Neither of us do anything together but we noticed we are pretty awesome so we went to a movie. Well actually she asked me on the date haahah so FORWARD lol yea well i wasn't doing anything big tonight so i was relieved to get out of the house.

we had a great time have you seen that movie...


yea well go see it if you havnt already!.... because these two girls did :)

yea okay well noone was in the movie theater :/ hahah but that was bomb i kinda forgot noone was in there after we got into the movie. Tips to everyone: GO ON THURSDAY NIGHT. haha yea thats pretty much all. OHHH wait no! Ami made me this kick ass post card, she said she would mail it but then she didnt because we were seeing each other anyways. It was very cute because it said

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Umi-San said...

lol, i love that picture of us!! and i like how you took the picture of the movie stub too!!! OMG the movie was awesome, it was so funny, "just sayin" haha :) thanks for coming to the movies with me i was so bored!! Thursday night movies "two thumbs up!" We could have gone to see PUSH, but someone was chicken after seeing the camera... haha s'all good! Next time now since we have our plot down, Ahhh love you! <3 keep up the blogging, it keeps me reading :)