Monday, February 9, 2009

whoa! read label first.

Umn so how about today i drank a soda that was totally expired TODAY. lame i hope i dont get sick. Thats just the thing tho, i have been sick all day. I even called out of work :\ anyways i wanted to share that i drank that entire thing and then realized it was weird. I thought it taste funny because i was sick but nahh just hit the expiration date. Sodas are good for like MONTHS so that means that soda was there for...yea you guessed it MONTHS. I feel nasty. Umn well to lighten that up when i purchased it and put it on the counter a "lil person" rang me up and the items were too close to me and i wasn't looking at him...i thought he was sitting being lazy because he look normal height right? yes, right. so then he said "can you please push them closer!" and i look up to notice his short arms and i was like "oh! yea sorry" hahaha he smiled and rang me up.

who drinks rotten soda? Mina Lo...accidentally

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