Sunday, February 15, 2009


umn, i noticed my blogs are getting shorter and shorter and smaller in length. haha Yea, so like, hmmmm? I think im so busy lately. Ill get to the point on this blog im just going to say that i REALLLLYYYYy give good advice. Yet, i cannot seem to figure out my own life. Its weird because the advice i give is like something i never went through and yet i can still pull my friends through it. I think im getting better at caring what other people feel, i use to but not i really do. I think this is mainly just a growing up thing, im happy for that.

OHHHHHH man i have decided i will post blogs with more than one picture haha so yea here goes a gorgeous shot of my sisters and mother.

Yea so umn i think its cute lol

I also noticed that i have been getting better at taking certain pictures, not that one but like portraits of single persons and detailed pictures. I think i will eventually explore this more but right now i dont want to ruin my "rawness" with book sense and proportions. Other than that the picture for this blog really made me look inside myself and other people that i admire for having courage. Perhaps maybe its also a part of Mina Lo.

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