Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gibberish "I see your body lighting up in the moonlight"

Ryan Leslie has a song called Gibberish. IT IS SOOO HOTTTT it sounds like someone is whispering in your ear telling you "sweet nothings" idk man its crazy but so cute and i dont understand ANYTHING he is saying. Well that was basically his goal i think. I even looked up the lyrics and i doubt he is saying that stuff. Only part i understand is when he says "ill take you on a lovely date" and the part in the title of my blog talking about a moonlight, umn yea hahaha

ANYWAYS, today it snowed, i went to work and fell asleep in a seminar OMG. I will get fired soon lol hopefully not but i slack way too much. Well let me not say that, I just find no interest in the work that i am doing and i see myself slowly just getting angry that i even go to work, so i just relax. I probably wont get in trouble and i think that makes me mad too. I feel like i dont do anything but its just temporarily my circumstance until i move to NY.

Oh today i went apartment sighting with some ladies girls at my job. It was so much fun and i never knew Richmond had really cute artsy city apartments. i think i went hating the city so much i never left to see anything better They (the apartments) had wood floors, good enough sized living rooms and washer and dryer right in the apartment. The best part was the ceilings they were like 16 feet high and SO gorgeous. Well the place was called Parachute Factory Apartments, because the building is the original Richmond parachute factory. It was built in 1919 i thought that was AMAZING. I love history so much. Yea well visiting these apartments made me remember and slightly almost live my dream in a wooded floor studio apartment that has huge walls where the room is very spacious and hollow....just to paint ALL day. I would work off of tips and inspiration. I would love that :\ maybe when i am 25 with my degree and no children i will fulfill this. Gosh, what i would give to do that like tomorrow. haha

The picture today is rather lame (the one way up top) i was just so super excited that it snowed and like the pic is even blurry for how fast i grabbed my camera! lol the flakes were like quarter sized, dude no lie. And these idiots had their children walking to SCHOOL what in THEEEE F**K. (that's the picture below....) lol like how do you make your kids walk in like quarter size snow flakes, not even the fact they are huge but it was a blizzard lol that's abuse.

I have another picture with my sister its cute hmmm i guess ill just show you lol

well im out Peace and name is Mina Lo.

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Janiece said...

i loveeeeee Gibberish
for realllll so glad its recorded n out now - stop by sometime, dear.