Friday, February 20, 2009

Things are better seen with the pictures in between

I wrote a song. Well there are words and half of an acoustic melody but none the less, I wrote a song. Its kinda creative and im sooo proud of myself. The chords are simple and elegant. Theres more plucking than anything but none the less, its a song. I need someone to sing it. Will it be you? Anyways i learned recently that people grow apart. There are all these cliche's as to how to maintain a freinship/relationship, none of them seem to be true. In one way or another a person changes to the point where you are no longer compatible. If you think about it maybe just for that point in time you were the same but have grown into two different souls. All thats there are memories. My song doesnt have a title yet but the hook says:

"things are better seen with the pictures in between,
ill show you a time that we no longer know.
i now agree that apart is where we were meant to go,
strangers so lost, yet distance was never our theme;
all we share now are the pictures in between"

Yea thats some DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP stuff right there. Who knew i had it in me? perhaps one day ill find someone to sing it and it will be on here. I dont usually write songs but i thought, just like a blog, my guitar can once again be my release. Well today not much is occuring i think ill go get my car washed SHeeshhhhhh havnt done that since like july. EW. well ill get at you guys later and remember dont follow little cliche's that people tell you because they only get repeated and lose their significance; to a point where noone ever lives them through.....MinaLo.

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Janiece said...

I have no idea how I found your blog at all. It's tight though.
I'd sing your song if you want & tell me how you want it. If you want to hear me sing come to a Blogtv show.
Anyways sweeet blog