Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ami's 21st b_day

So i went to Chesapeake this weekend and i never drove there alone before. It was a straight shot though and i had fun. It was Ami's 21st Birthday. It was alot of fun first we made cake which is the photo in the blog. I never knew my penmanship was that nice on a cake. It was my first try and i think i have found another hidden talent. We then ate pizza and the cake :)

AND THENNN we played the Wii. Oh and made clay hahaha yeaaa that was fun. Well we didn't make clay but lil sculptures. Deval, Ami's sister discovered she should work in China making lil clay things hahaha she produced like 3 things in a span of 5 minutes. They were really intricate too, not just some lil things.

Kujo the dog was there too, she is really cute. I never met her and i have come to the conclusion that Ami and Deval angle the camera to make her seem like the biggest dog ever. I was so shocked at how tiny she is.

Yea that's pretty much all. I had alot fun, and laughed VERY hard!

Mina Lo.


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MissLaura11 said...

the last picture of you on this is beautiful. i know its prolly like just a random pic but I love it.