Saturday, February 7, 2009

upside down.

I dunno what to do anymore. I try one thing and it flips the scripts. Im not sure my life is working the way i want and know its suppose to be. People are difficult and im not down for that. I don't judge ad i don't understand why people dont give others a chance. There is only judgment wtf is going on. My goodness im over all the bullshit like for real open your eyes. I hate to be such a downer and everyone around me knows i am anything but that. I even hate the fact that i will write all this in a blog to show my anger because im kinda too proud to do that. Too proud to let people know that i care. Well f**k that im changing and i kinda dont care how im judged because i let something bother me enough to let others see. Yea im over tryna hide. This crap probably sounds so stupid because im venting right now and guess what? im not even gonna go back and read through it no f**k that too! this one is just gonna be a bull capped anger blog yea but this will be the first and LAST time this blog is in an angry tone by Mina Lo. too pretty for bullshit.

p.s. the picture is my favorite part of the painting i did for my friend.

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