Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today is the last day i can eat before i begin my Master Cleanse. :) im going on a fast for ten days, only drinking liquids. Then i will continue the rest of my 30 days with no meats and fish and shrimps on fridays. Do you have faith in me? Well i do!!! I think once am finished with it i will feel very proud and relieved.

The picture for todays blog i found VERYYYY cute :) I went with my sister at Chipotle today. We went to eat after recieving our ashes, and the toothpics were wrapped up saying "Cilantro looks appetizing in rice, not teeth" I LAUGHED so hard mainly because i thought every toothpic said something different. You know, like chinese food fortunes? Yea, well i grabbed one and i was like heyyy mine says the same thing! So then my sister looks at me and says "yea they all say the same thing." with that "your an idiot" face. We Laughed and that was it. Now we are at home :)

I wonder how i will last tomorrow with no food, or the next 10 days for that matter, stay up...Mina Lo.

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