Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today was so chill. I spoke with my Best friend Pruthvi. Yea, i havnt talked to that girl for real-for real in like.....hmmm damn....probably since last year. That is horrible!!! Well considering the situation; she goes to school in Poland. yaaaaa, THE COUNTRY, and we are 6 hours behind "their" time. But yea we spoke this morning and it was cool. Not much has changed. Maybe in summer time we will find more to talk about.

...also, today i decided that i think this girl below is dope as Heck.

yeaa i usually dont find myself as girly as other celebs but she is kinda boyish and if i were to dress up it would be like her hahaha. I can identify with her is what im trying to say, i guess.

Tonight my sister is one of the highest honored African American Biology student recipients. Oh just to let you know there was only two out of her graduating class. She goes hard, ask a part of her squard! lol Thats the pic lol. Her plaque is the bomb. Although we fight all the time im proud of her accomplishments.

thts really my day in a sum...Mina Lo.

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