Tuesday, February 3, 2009

amazing day

After the horrible happenings of yesterday, which i still wont mention, today is amazing! I woke up and got showered and dressed. Then i packed a lunch for work and took my dog outside. Before i could look up to really see what was going on, out of the corner of my eye i saw WHITE. there was snow EVERYWHERE :D omg i was so happy. I made a declaration at that exact moment that today i wouldn't have a bad day because snow finally hit Richmond; and as i said, today i most definitely did not have a bad day :D As a matter of fact i smiled ALL DAY.

So let me get back to the morning time: when i finally got myself together and got ready to leave, my sister left at the same time. It was awkward haha it seemed like the only time we ever left the house at the same time was back in high school when we rode the bus. Well to snap back into reality, we went to our separate cars (meaning we are obviously not in high school) and noticed snow all over them. I have a windshield scraper. My sister however does not. So like we were joking around and some way or another we got into a snowball fight. It lasted like 3 minutes but it was fun, mind you; we have places to be, so after the fight i left and she continued scraping her car with the scraper she borrowed. I got to work LATE, idk about her but wutev. On my way to work i was laughing at how much fun we had, felt like we were kids.

So ill skip my work day and get to talking about my class tonight. There was some ultimate flirting going on! This kid that sits next to me is amazing. We are mad funny together. I however do not like him, not that much, but he is a good guy. If i never take him then i will definitely give him to a friend hahahaa. Oh and exciting news: we exchanged numbers lol okay i blew that out of proportion. We only exchanged numbers because we have a math test and homework to complete :\ haha its all in good fun tho.

ANYWAYSSSSS i took a picture while driving sooooo, [that's dangerous],yeaaaaaa that's what you see. It wasn't ALOT of snow, yea i know but it was perfect snow. I love Richmond (in winter...so pretty) but don't get me wrong, Newport News has always and forever captured the heart of Mina Lo.

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