Friday, February 27, 2009

to UVA we go

My BFF Kaylannie and i rhode to pick up her BFF from like elementary and middle schol at UVA. That campus is so creepy and huge. I guess since i experienced VCU other campuses just seem too collegiate with studying and actual common ground grasses haha. Yea well we got back late so i have a picture of us three.

OH then when we finally get back to richmond, we were at taco bell and these kids were fighting. So we asked a couple of them to come over to the car...welllll I ASKED one kid to come over and tell me what was going on because the police came and everything. He told me his friends were fighting and one was drunk and like it was a mess. Then his friends came over and met with us.

The kids were pretty awesome to be only 14 yrs old. I wish my high school was diverse like that. OHHHHH and i made it through my second day of fasting GO MINA LO!

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