Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DIY Photography Backdrop :)

SOOOOO as creative as i am i have never done a tutorial ANDDDD i think i should. I have been taking plenty of pictures lately (maybe ill post a few) and i realized i need to get better and actually take my pics serious but the only way to do that is create my faux studio until of course i get a real one so yes. I have looked online and found an awesome tutorial BUT yall know me i freaked it MinaLo style SOOOO here goes!!!

STEP ONE: You will need to gather all your materials so they are easily accessible

1. Gloves2. Fabric Dye3. Rubber Bands4. A Bucket5. Fabric (as big as you want i used a king size sheet)6. Scissors
7. Salt
8. A Large Spoon
9. A Bathroom
10. lots of other SPACE to actually dye the fabric.

STEP TWO: open the Sheet packaging or white fabric that you haveSTEP THREE: take a rubber band and begin to make bunches all over the sheet...like so,STEP FOUR: Put on your Gloves and fill your bucket with hot/ warm water. Make sure there is just enough water where the sheet will be completely submerged.The package on the Dye said 4 cups of water to each pack but i said screw it and bought two packs of dye and did it MinaLo's way. Only because two packs of dye to 8 cups of water is WAYYY too much color for me but to each his own :)
STEP FIVE: Dunk the Bundled Fabric into the water so that it gets very damp. Wring out and put aside. STEP SIX: Gather the Salt, Dye and Spoon. The package of dye said to add two tablespoons for each pack of dye but of course i didnt measure the water correctly so YUP you got it, i did my own measurement with the salt. Make sure you stir the salt well in the walter before adding the dye Now after pouring the salt add the dye. Then, stir the contents STEP SEVEN: Grab your dampened fabric ball and place nicely into the bucket of Hot/Warm water. Now Stir for fifteen minutes. I basically listened to music while doing this or stared at the kids playing in the back. If you have neither music or kids playing in the back then you will be bored so just stir the damn fabric :) NOWWWWWWW we wait! haha yea it will take 45 minutes for one pack of dye soooo i waited two hours occasionally turning the fabric so that the color was evenly distributed.

STEP EIGHT: Take your bucket to the bathroom or any area that you can empty the contents well. STEP NINE: Run extremely cold water and pour the bucket/ container over down the drain. Slowly introduce the fabric to the cold water. STEP TEN: Start taking off the Rubberbands while running the fabric under cold water...if your mother is anything like mine you may get in trouble for just running water. Something like: "aye gyal i does pay fuh watah" ....so it would be best to collect the freezing cold water in the container you used to unravel the fabric. Then Change the water. Rinse completely and make sure the water begins to run clear before taking it to the next step. If water runs clear with no dye continue...STEP ELEVEN: Put the fabric in the washer with warm water on the small wash. DO NOT add detergent. STEP TWELVE: Dry on warm HOT temperature and then let cool down.


Monday, March 15, 2010

long story long

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ive been gone a while im sure your mad it was the holidays and then a new semester and then i worked more hours blah blah blahhh youve heard it all before so ill shut up and say HEY IM BACK BITCHES :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

did you miss me shawty?

sooo i know i havnt been up here in a while and i apologize. There is no other reason except i just have been LIVING like i have nothing to vent or share because im enjoying those moments and they pass by so quickly i forget to pull my camera out at times.

So yea ANYWAYS how was your Christmas? Mine was spent in Brooklyn NY, Bedford Stuyvesant to be exact. It was pretty chill. skip through all that mess and on the way home look what i saw!!!Thats deep. (pause)

Anyways ill have to update you guys a bit more. My project 365 has obviously failed but i think i just grew up. :) later.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what has pink insides yet green all over?

THESE WEIRD oranges.

My mom brought them back from florida.

They taste amazing...

but the color is confusing like when Kraft made green and purple ketchup. Whoa?! except this actually grows like that. We all know tomatoes are not purple haha. Yep well, that's the most exciting thing today.


Monday, October 12, 2009

art chick on deck but my names not flipper; intentionally missed class today so they nicknamed me SKIPPERRRRR

you like that flowmaster capability i got in the title there? haha well its true. i skipped class today and well yah i didnt do much of anything. But i will tell ya what i did do. Trisha and i woke up and just chilled then after that we went to five and below to get some awesomeness. We got two DVD's Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo Bay and PRIDE both were filled with greatness. Also got some candy and useless items such as Red Sox posters. Well, not posters but you know the lil foam triangle? like with the team on it? it usually goes on a stick and can be waved like a flag (triangular) yah, well it is one of those.

Then i passed out around 5 pm after Tyra Show and woke up at 7 VERY frantic. 1. becuase i fell asleep and didnt know i fell asleep. 2. noone was home lol it was the worst thing ever.

now im here writing thisssss. :) yuuup

MinaLo; hookie master

Sunday, October 11, 2009


omggggggggg i love her soooo much and its been forever. AHHHHH im so excited just to even talk about her. WELL she came through with her boyfriend. They are adorable. I Love him for her because he is the sweetest guy that she deserves. YAY! but anyways she came by because she was heading north to pick up some car parts. She is badass when it comes to cars. Idk if you remember a long while back at the car show? well > HERE < is the link and yah she is just a hardcore girl. Her car is way different now. Different rims and everything. ANYWAYS!

She stopped in Richmond and had lunch with me. God i miss her. She is like truly the sister that i chose. I miss her sooooo much. Going from hanging out everyday to like 5 times a year has been hell for us in our relationship but i love her lots and im glad she could stop by. It was like old times <3Umn we ate at Firebirds...a super expensive steakhouse that will never ever (well maybe one day but for now it wont) get my money after this. HMMM yah welp also if your following me on twitter you wouldve saw > THIS < pic before i did this blog :)

Love yall, PEACE!

MinaLo; missin my asian persuasion.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

does this seem wrong to you?




& friends? like WHAT? btw they taste disgusting. just like a very poorly mixed batch of jelly belly's. ew.