Monday, October 12, 2009

art chick on deck but my names not flipper; intentionally missed class today so they nicknamed me SKIPPERRRRR

you like that flowmaster capability i got in the title there? haha well its true. i skipped class today and well yah i didnt do much of anything. But i will tell ya what i did do. Trisha and i woke up and just chilled then after that we went to five and below to get some awesomeness. We got two DVD's Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo Bay and PRIDE both were filled with greatness. Also got some candy and useless items such as Red Sox posters. Well, not posters but you know the lil foam triangle? like with the team on it? it usually goes on a stick and can be waved like a flag (triangular) yah, well it is one of those.

Then i passed out around 5 pm after Tyra Show and woke up at 7 VERY frantic. 1. becuase i fell asleep and didnt know i fell asleep. 2. noone was home lol it was the worst thing ever.

now im here writing thisssss. :) yuuup

MinaLo; hookie master

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Melanoski said...

Look at those Rap Scallion (sp?!?!?!?) skills! (did u know scallions are onions?)