Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nature walking with Tdot and the K-9

So i went on a nature walk. LOL what the heck. well it was kinda fun and totally a photo opportunity. My sister told me i need to leave the house more. I breathe the same air everyday and just stay in my room. Its really unhealthy. So this month OCTOBER 2009 i am actually going to leave the house in every opportunity that i can. It should be good for me. ANYWAYS so ye we went on nature walk and it was really nice. Although it was broad daylight, some parts of the trail were dark and you know the black people always die first. I was so scared. I got good pics of Oro Solido tho.

Isnt that weird? ^idk what that is^ but it was interesting especially because it was growing from a dry leaf. RANDOM.MinaLo; hiking

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