Friday, October 2, 2009

PriVilegedkid 5cent SHOWCASE

So i EARLIER in my blog remember i was shouting out PVK? hmm if not click HERE!...

Well, PVK who was just a small group is now what i call big. Not huge but i feel like the kid Orlando has his head on and is going to be AMAZING. He hosted a showcase in Richmond that let underground and local performers of every kind do their thing. Whether it be on the mic or break dancing. It was cool. Also there was really awesome wall art... i dont have a pic of that :/

I really went because my rule is to leave the house more and just enjoy being young. So when i went i went thinking it would just fill my time but i realllllllllllllllly enjoyed myself. The atmosphere was good plus i saw some people that i knew. I even happened to get one of my friends on stage. His name is @TheRealMrSpazZ (follow). I also networked so that my @ContempoRetro (follow) could get some fan base. Check out the pics and Hit up PriVilegedKid also follow @PriVilegedKid YOU WILL BE A FAN i promise.MinaLo; showcasing.

ps: still learning how to use my flash so yea. haha

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Umi-San said...

lol that was a fun day... people where totally in their element, its nice, deff inspirational... :)