Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mi Vida es SUPER Facil

So you know my Spanish teacher right? Well i haven't done work in there for about 2 weeks and i usually have like 20 assignments due before midnight on Sunday's. I can finish them really fast but ever since my last few class periods, my teacher never gives me work. Like the reason i took Spanish was just to fulfill my elective because i am an Arch major and i don't even need this; BUT I'm kind of pissed off. Like because although i do know a lot of Spanish i actually want to be tested on it so that i can get my writing down. Like i can sing the music, speak with an accent and fake the whole 'shebang' but I know i am illiterate. Its all been sound and speaking for me up to this point. So yea thats my day in a nutshell like REALLLLLLLY REALLLLLLY angry that i dont have any homework. I love the pressure of cramming and the stress/depression of school. Makes me feel like I'm living for something but basically I'm about to get an A without earning it. UGH i feel so guilty. Especially now because i know that the other kids in my class are really trying hard. OH WELL, take the hand we are given right? yea that's what ill do. :)

In other news i realllllly want the Paramore CD. Its called Brand New Eyes. Its just as awesome as the other 2. My favorite song of the moment is Misguided Ghost. Very dope. Check em out. Another song that i knew for a while but im feeling is Like This by BRUTHA very nice mello song. Still good enough to play while your driving and get hype haha so yea thats all :)


The pic shows my online homework is empty. Enlarge for your entertainment.

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