Tuesday, October 6, 2009

how do you top off a party monday?

A REGULAR ASS TUESDAY! lol soo today after the crazy events of yesterday we are still recouping so we chilled and then we went to IHOP, IKEA andddd the Dollar Tree. Then we came back home and watched Superbad. After that trisha and i came back to Virginia #yuuup it was an alright day :) ohhhhh, BTW today is laura's real birthday sooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY LC! haha i forgot. Oh! so let me tell you about this old lady in Dollar Tree haha. Everything is a dollar, correct? YES! okay, well this lady paid a 7 dollar bill in nickles. lmao it was the highlight of my day. The cashier was patient and then i think she just gave in because Laura and I were laughing so badly. It was great. The worse part is that her son was with her in the line and LET her do it. omg. crazy people.

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