Sunday, October 11, 2009


omggggggggg i love her soooo much and its been forever. AHHHHH im so excited just to even talk about her. WELL she came through with her boyfriend. They are adorable. I Love him for her because he is the sweetest guy that she deserves. YAY! but anyways she came by because she was heading north to pick up some car parts. She is badass when it comes to cars. Idk if you remember a long while back at the car show? well > HERE < is the link and yah she is just a hardcore girl. Her car is way different now. Different rims and everything. ANYWAYS!

She stopped in Richmond and had lunch with me. God i miss her. She is like truly the sister that i chose. I miss her sooooo much. Going from hanging out everyday to like 5 times a year has been hell for us in our relationship but i love her lots and im glad she could stop by. It was like old times <3Umn we ate at Firebirds...a super expensive steakhouse that will never ever (well maybe one day but for now it wont) get my money after this. HMMM yah welp also if your following me on twitter you wouldve saw > THIS < pic before i did this blog :)

Love yall, PEACE!

MinaLo; missin my asian persuasion.

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