Monday, October 5, 2009

A surprise for the ages

So i went to club love like back in September & ever since then i wanted to plan a surprise birthday for my best friend LC (laura). She always talks about how noone ever surprises her or anything so i figured what the heck, its worth the try.

So her brother Roberto AKA "drizzy DRAKE robert", my sister Trisha, their other brother Louie, Kia and I all planned an amazing MONDAY night. It was also Louies BDAY so that was awesome. She never expected anything and the surprise went as planned.

After work today i drove to MD with my sister. The original plan was to decorate the apt while Laura was at class but instead of that happening and surprising her when she gets home. LC decides its a good idea to just skip class lol. It was a mess but we figured it out. So Rob had a test that day and while he took his test LC was in the library. The most hilarious part is she thinks he is taking this super long test but all along he was stalling in the parking lot. MEANWHILE Trisha and I are driving to Maryland, Kia is getting off work and Louie is waiting for us so that we can get into their apartment and decorate.Above is us just goofing around and waiting for her :) It was crazy because everyone is tweeting and texting like normal as we all do everyday but she has NO clue.
It worked out sooo well and i have it all on camera but i haven't edited the video yet so yah. UMN just peep the pics. She was sooo shocked.WE PARTIED MONDAY NIGHT into tuesday morning LOOOOOOOOOOOSE off Patroose. lol #wheretheydothatat .....WE DO! lol^the effects of Patroose^

MinaLo; the ultimate party schemer

ps: excuse the dark pics, i wasnt the most stable photographer this night

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