Wednesday, September 30, 2009

spanish class trippen.

SOOOOO besides my bada** attitude today by wearing straight up tomboy clothing and being lazy, i got some work done.

I went to spanish class. wait no, first i was in the computer lab chillin with Tarin and Diamond but we had to go to class so we went. Then we just stayed on our phone the whole time so it was rather pointless. Also our teacher must be on the rag beause she was seeming extra mean. Or rude, she told Tarin "i dont sugar coat things" it was funny.

Well THEN tell me why my teacher said i wasnt allowed to work with Megan.
Because she thinks we speak spanish already, technically i dont. But i can fake the heck out of it. Most of the time i even help her explain something to kids in there who dont get the concept. She told me that i dont ever have to do the assignments because i get A's on everything haha We had a practice test and secretly Megan and i were exempt. SO instead we are taking stupid pics of her failed attempt at drinking out of a water bottle. I mean its not like she has been drinking out of water bottles for 19 yrs or anything. smh. She drools? lol idk man it was funny though.


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